Europe Cup Women | 1 Mar 2023

ASD Quattro Mori Cagliari in the final after the golden match

In the second leg of the Europe Cup semifinal between ASD Quattro Mori Cagliari and ALCL TT Grand-Quevilly, the hosts suffered by the hands of the players from the French club by the same margin they won the opening leg 3:1. However, in the golden match the pendulum swung once again to their favor.

In general, the match was full of ups and downs. Andreea DRAGOMAN was two games up, before Samson LI recovered to level. LI had 5:0 in the decisive game before she lost 5:6.

Anis SALPIN avenged her opening leg defeat against Tania PLAIAN to level the match. Again, like in previous duel the clash was stretched to full five games, but the games were much closer. It was SALPIN who went ahead with 2:0, PLAIAN recovered, but French player withstood her spirited comeback.

Eden OFFIONG lost to Isa COK and Andreea DRAGOMAN suffered by the hands of Anis SALPIN.

In the golden match it was opposite; both COK and DRAGOMAN won their games. LI Failed to win any points today, whilst SALPIN lost her first after two wins in the “regular” time.

“It was very crazy. We are happy we are in the final. We started with hope because we had an advantage with our first win, and even if we lost the match we were super motivated in the golden sets, we knew we could win this match,” said DRAGOMAN.


ASD Quattro Mori Cagliari - ALCL TT Grand-Quevilly 1:3

Andreea DRAGOMAN - Samson LI 3:2 (11:5, 11:5, 6:11, 6:11, 6:5)

Tania PLAIAN - Anis SALPIN 2:3 (15:17, 8:11, 14:12, 13:11, 4:6)

Eden OFFIONG - Isa COK 1:3 (6:11, 5:11, 13:11, 5:11)

Andreea DRAGOMAN - Anis SALPIN 0:3 (4:11, 10:12, 9:11)

Golden match

ASD Quattro Mori Cagliari - ALCL TT Grand-Quevilly 2:0

Eden OFFIONG - Samson LI 11:7

Andreea DRAGOMAN - Anis SALPIN 11:4