European Championships

The Draw for the Final Stage of the European Teams Championships

The Final Stage of the European Teams Championships in Malmo took a step closer today as the highly anticipated Draw was conducted at the renowned Turning Torso Malmo. The event was graced by the presence of esteemed European and Swedish table tennis stars, Truls MOREGARDH and Linda BERGSTROM.

The draw was also attended by Acting Deputy President Heike AHLERT, Competition Manager Alen IVANCIN, Ranking Committee chair Igor HELLER and Referee Swen WEILAND.
Located in the tallest building in Sweden, the Draw determined the groupings for the Men's and Women's Teams Events, with a total of 24 teams participating. The teams were divided into eight groups for each category.

In the Men's Event, the top eight teams in the Draw included Germany, Sweden, France, Portugal, Croatia, Slovenia, England, and Belgium.

In the Women's Event, the leading teams in their respective groups are Germany, Romania, France, Portugal, Slovakia, Hungary, Luxembourg, and Sweden.

With the Draw completed, the stage is set for an exhilarating competition at the European Teams Championships in Malmo.