ETTU | 21 Aug 2023

ETTU Enhances Pre-Congress Preparations with Inaugural Financial and Proposition Webinars

The European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) has taken a significant step forward in its preparations for the forthcoming ETTU Congress by organizing its first-ever webinars dedicated to finances and propositions. As part of the lead-up to the highly anticipated ETTU Congress, scheduled to convene on September 13th during the European Championships in Malmö, these webinars served as a proactive initiative to delve deeper into crucial matters.

One of the webinars, titled "Propositions Webinar", aimed to provide an in-depth understanding of the proposed changes and their underlying rationales. It is important to note that this endeavor does not curtail the opportunity for meaningful discussions during the Congress itself. Instead, it aims to enhance the Congress by allocating dedicated time to address these pertinent subjects, fostering a more streamlined and effective discourse.

ETTU Acting President, Pedro MOURA, emphasized the significance of these webinars in facilitating a more comprehensive dialogue. "We remain fully committed to engaging in discussions during the Congress," noted MOURA. "The purpose of these webinars is to enrich our deliberations and ensure an even more productive and impactful Congress."

During the webinars, participants had the privilege of hearing opening remarks from Acting President Pedro MOURA, followed by a presentation by Secretary General Pierre KASS, who delved into the intricacies of the Constitution Propositions. Additionally, ETTU Acting Deputy President Heike AHLERT took center stage to address the vital topic of ETTU Regulation Propositions.

During a separate webinar, ETTU's Vice President for Finances, Sandra DEATON, provided a presentation on the financial statement of 2022, the financial status of 2023, and the budget for 2024.

These groundbreaking webinars represent ETTU's unwavering dedication to fostering an environment of transparency, collaboration, and progress within the table tennis community.

For those interested in revisiting the second webinar or delving into the details, the recording can be accessed through the YouTube link.

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