European Youth Championships | 12 Oct 2022

2024 European Youth Championships awarded to Malmö

ETTU is pleased to announce the ETTU Executive Board has awarded the 2024 European Youth Championships to the Swedish Table Tennis Association to be played at the city of Malmö from Friday 12th to Sunday 21st July 2024. The Championships will return to Sweden after a break of 41 years.

“We are delighted to be back to the city of Malmö, in the summer of 2024, for the European Youth Championships after having the 2023 European Team Championships there. The Swedish Table Tennis Association is a recognizable organizer of international table tennis events, and it not strange for us they earned the right to host two events in the row. The city of Malmö is very excited to receive the European table tennis community and so we are absolutely sure our youth stars will really enjoy playing there during 2024 European Youth Championships,” said ETTU Acting President Pedro MOURA.

Last time the European Youth Championships was organized in Sweden was in 1983 and back then it was also held in Malmö, in the same venue Baltiska Hallen. The winner in the men’s class was none other than Jan-Ove WALDNER and in third place we had Jörgen PERSSON, two very familiar names in Swedish and international table tennis who need no further introduction.

“I am very happy and proud to be able to develop the already good collaboration we have with the city of Malmö with another Championship. In the autumn of 2023, our biggest stars will put on a show in Malmö Arena and a little less than a year later it’s time for the next generation to take over the city – perhaps a new world star will be born then just like in 1983”, said the President of the Swedish Table Tennis Association Dennis LINDAHL.

In 2022, the Swedish Table Tennis Association together with the city of Malmö has launched “PING PONG POWER Malmö” with the purpose to make as many people as possible, regardless of age and background, to try table tennis. During the summer, PING PONG POWER has been seen at various activities in the city such as the Big Five, the Malmö Festival and on the popular beach at Ribersborg, and during the autumn and spring the plan is to visit nursing homes, libraries, schools, preschools, and leisure parks.

“The city and the people of Malmö are with us, now it’s important to also get the associations and businesses on board so that we can create unique, sustainable, and memorable championships. With the help of PING PONG POWER, we reach all target groups, which means it will be much more than just a championship – table tennis for everyone everywhere”, President Dennis LINDAHL continued.

For the city of Malmö, this will be the second international table tennis championship within 12 months. The European Table Tennis Championships 2023 will be played September 10–17 in Malmö Arena. The European Youth Championships 2024 will be played in July 2024.