Member Associations | 28 Nov 2022

Zoran PRIMORAC elected President of Croatian TTA

Silver medalist at the Seoul 1988 Olympic Games, twice winner of the Men's World Cup, twice champion at the European Championships Zoran PRIMORAC became the President of the Croatian Table Tennis Association. In the presence of the 75 out of 101 delegates with the right to vote, PRIMORAC was elected by the majority. Second candidate was Goran MUNIVRANA.

PRIMORAC follows Zlatko POSPIS, head of the organization for 12 years. At the beginning of the Congress, POSPIS delivered the emotional speech.

The members of the Executive Board are: Dragan KNEŽEVIĆ, Igor MALEŠEVIĆ, Robert MIKAC, Zlatko ČORDAŠ, Mario DOKMANIĆ, Daniel ROJNIĆ, Ivo ĆUKOVIĆ, Mirela Šikoronja IVANČIN, Bojana POLJAK, Frane Tomislav KOJIĆ, Ivan JUZBAŠIĆ, Damir BELAJ, Čedomir MILLER, Goran PETROVIĆ.

Zoran PRIMORAC has won 14 medals at the European Championships; he won 6 medals at the World Championships; 6 at the World Cup; 4 at the Mediterranean Games. Zoran played at 7 Olympic Games and he was also the flag bearer of the team of Croatia at the Olympics in Sydney.

PRIMORAC also concludes his term as a head of the Athletes Commission in the ITTF. Earlier in September this year, Zoran gained the accolade "Executive Master", a degree in the management of sports organization.

"I was born in Zadar, the city of basketball, but I dedicated my life to table tennis. This sport gave me so much and now it is my duty and obligation to give something in return. It is my duty to take responsibility to guide my sport to a better future. Our sport has a glorious past and my aim is to return table tennis to the high level," said PRIMORAC.

PRIMORAC said that in his leadership, he will follow the main principals he follows in his life.

"We spoke with the club representatives, players and coaches and we came to conclusion that we have a place to move forward in three dimensions. We must take care of sporting aspects as equally as we are focused on financial and organizing aspects. My method of work will have the same basics I have in my private life - transparency, inclusivity and responsibility . Those foundations are coming from my core, my game, from my life..."

Running the National Association is a big challenge now.

"We have to find the way to be more visible. Not only to gather new sponsors, but to find our way to new generations. We have to keep the main sports principles; the game has to remain untouched, but the presentation itself has to improve. In addition we want to widener our cooperation with the ITTF, ETTU and Croatian Olympic Committee."