World Championships | 12 Nov 2022

Andalucia 2022 World Para Table Tennis Championships came to a conclusion

Tonight, Andalucia 2022 World Para Table Tennis Championships came to a conclusion. A tournament that had raised the bar for Para table tennis, finished with the matches in the singles events.

In the playing hall, a total of 39 events, Korea Republic set the standard winning no less than 10 gold; KIM Gitae, class 11, emerged the most successful player. He secured gold in all three possible events – men’s singles, men’s doubles, mixed doubles – the only player to achieve the feat.

Overall, on the final day of play, a total of 10 titles were on offer, the level of excitement, nerves and emotion as prevalent as six days earlier when the first service crossed the net.

A first title in the individual events at a World Para Table Tennis Championships for NAM Kiwon; it was the same in women’s singles class 9 for Hungary’s Alexa SVITACS; she beat Australia’s LEI Li Na, the winner at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, to arrest the title (4-11, 11-7, 11-9, 11-9).

“I don’t know what can I say. It my first World Championships and I’ve won; when I lost some match points, I was a little nervous because I lost against her at the Tokyo Paralympic Games. I hope in future I will get the gold medal in Paris,” said Alexa SVITACS.

Poland’s Dorota BUCKLAW overcame Aino TAPOLA (6-11, 11-7, 11-7, 11-6) to win the first ever class 1 women’s singles title at a World Para Table Tennis Championships.

“I feel fantastic, it’s the first-time class 1 has been separate from class 2; that has allowed me to match my level with players of a similar disability. I must say that I have really enjoyed my time in Granada; I hope to come back with my family,” stated Dorota BUCKLAW.

Gold for Dorota BUCKLAW but not for compatriot Natalia Partyka who was seeking no less than her seventh women’s singles class 10 title at a World Para Table Tennis Championships. In the final she was beaten by Australia’s YANG Qian (11-5, 11-7, 11-8).

Poland’s Patryk CHOJNOWSKI captured the men’s singles class 10 title; at the final hurdle he beat Indonesia’s David JACOBS (11-9, 11-9, 11-7).

 “I think I did not play that well, chaotic but I won gold; this week I’ve been a bit stressed, the important thing is that I managed to cope with the stress and win here in Granada,” said Patryk CHOJNOWSKI.

Three consecutive wins for Patryk CHOJNOWSKI, in the match that brought play to a conclusion it was exactly the same for Frenchman, Fabien LAMIRAULT; at the final hurdle he accounted for Poland’s Rafal CZUPER (11-9, 11-8, 11-9) to claim the men’s singles class 2 title.


Women’s Singles Class 1

SF: Dorota BUCLAW (POL) v Jana SPEGEL (GER) -13,2,10,6

SF: Aino TAPOLA (FIN) v Evanthia BOURNIA (GRE) 7,12,3

F: Dorota BUCLAW (POL) v Aino TAPOLA (FIN)


Women’s Singles Class 2

SF: Giada ROSSI (ITA) v Catia OLIVEIRA (BRA) 7,7,-7,-9,5

SF: Seo SUYEON (KOR) v Coty GARRONE (ARG) 5,3,4

F: Giada ROSSI (ITA) v Seo SUYEON (KOR) 6,-9,7,4

Women’s Singles Class 3

SF: YOON Jiyu (KOR) v LI Migyu (KOR) 1,5,7

SF: Andela MUZINIC (CRO) v Alena KANOVA (SVK) -8,2,8,6

F: YOON Jiyu (KOR) v Andela MUZINIC (CRO) 5,6,5

Women’s Singles Class 4

SF: WIJITTRA Jaion (THA) v Irem OLUK (TUR) - 11,9,9,7

SF: Sandra MIKOLASCHEK (GER) v Nada MATIC (SRB) 7,10,9

F: WIJITTRA Jaion (THA) v Sandra MIKOLASCHEK (GER) 9,9,-11,-8,10

Women’s Singles Class 5

SF: Panwas SRINGAM (THA) v KANG Oejeong (KOR) 9,-12,5,3

SF: Alexandra SAINT-PIERRE (FRA) v Moon SUNGHYE (KOR) -8,9,8,9

F: Alexandra SAINT-PIERRE (FRA) v Panwas SRINGAM (THA) 7,6,7

Women’s Singles Class 6

SF: Maryna LYTOVCHENKO (UKR) v LEE Kunwoo (KOR) 9,5,8

SF: Katarzyna MARSZAL (POL) v Camelia CIRIPAN (ROU) -8,7,9,-4,10

F: Maryna LYTOVCHENKO (UKR) v Katarzyna MARSZAL (POL) 6,5,7

Women’s Singles Class 7

SF: Kelly van ZON (NED) v KIM Seongok (KOR) 8,5,4

SF: Kubra KORKUT (TUR) v Giselle MUÑOZ (ARG) 6,8,-8,3

F: Kubra KORKUT (TUR) v Kelly Van ZON (NED) -6,9,8,7

Women’s Singles Class 8

SF: Aida DAHLEN (NOR) v Sophia KELMER (BRA) 10,4,-3,-8,7

SF: Thu KAMKASOMPHU (FRA) v Frederique van HOOF (NED) 7,4,6


Women’s Singles Class 9

SF: LEI Li Na (AUS) v Neslihan KAVAS (TUR) 8,5,6

SF: Alexa SVITACS (HUN) v Karolina PEK (POL) 10,9,-4,9

F: Alexa SVITACS (HUN) v LEI Li Na (AUS) - 4,7,9,9

Women’s Singles Class 10

SF: Natalia PARTYKA (POL) v Merve DEMIR (TUR) 7,7,3

SF: YANG Qian (AUS) v Bruna ALEXANDRE (BRA) 8,8,1

F: YANG Qian (AUS) v Natalia PARTYKA (POL) 5,7,8

Women’s Singles Class 11

SF: LEA Ferney (FRA) v Maki Ito (JPN) 3,7,4

SF: Krystyna LYSIAK (POL) v Dorota NOWACKA (POL) 8,3,11

F: Lea FERNEY (FRA) v Krystyna LYSIAK (POL) 6,8,11

Men’s Singles Class 1

SF: JOO Youngdae (KOR) v Rob DAVIES (GBR) 6,9,7

SF: NAM Kiwon (KOR) v Andrea BORGATO (ITA) 10,5,-5,6

F: NAM Kiwon (KOR) v JOO Youngdae (KOR) 6.8.7

Men’s Singles Class 2

SF: Fabien LAMIRAULT (FRA) v CHA Soo Yong (KOR) 9,9,5

SF: Rafal CZUPER (POL) v Jan RIAPOS (SVK) 3,4,7

F: Fabien LAMIRAULT (FRA) v Rafal CZUPER (POL) 9,8,9

Men’s Singles Class 3

SF: Thomas SCHMIDBERGER (GER) v Thomas BRÜCHLE (GER) 6,1,9

SF: Jenson van EMBURGH (USA) v YUTTAJAK Glinbanchuen (THA) 9,8,10

F: Thomas SCHMIDBERGER (GER) v Jenson van EMBURGH (USA) 3,5-8,9

Men’s Singles Class 4

SF: Maxime THOMAS (FRA) v Nesim TURAN (TUR) 9,7,5

SF: KIM Junggil (KOR) v KIM Younggun (KOR) 11,8,6

F: KIM Junggil (KOR) v Maxime THOMAS (FRA) 5,-4,10,-5,10

Men’s Singles Class 5

SF: Valentin BAUS (GER) v CHENG Ming-Chih (TPE) -8,7,9,-4,10

SF: Ali OZTURK (TUR) v Lucas ARABIAN (BRA) 7,6,-9,-6,8

F: Valentin BAUS (GER) v Ali OZTURK (TUR) 8,- 7,5,7

Men’s Singles Class 6

SF: Rungroj THAINIYOM (THA) v Peter ROSENMEIER (DEN) 7,8,7

SF: Matteo PARENZAN (ITA) v Martin PERRY (GBR) 2,4,5

F: Matteo PARENZAN (ITA) v Rungroj THAINIYOM (THA) -3,12,9,-9,6

Men’s Singles Class 7

SF: Will BAYLEY (GBR) v Paulo SALMIN (BRA) 4,7,7

SF: Jean Paul MONTANUS (NED) v Maksym CHUDZICKI (POL) 8,8,12

F: Will BAYLEY (GBR) v Jean Paul MONTANUS (NED) 6,7,6

Men’s Singles Class 8

SF: Viktor DIDUKH (UKR) v Aaron MCKIBBIN (GBR) 8,-12,9,7

SF: Thomas BOUVAIS (FRA) v Ross WILSON (GBR) -5,10,-4,7,14

F: Viktor DIDUKH (UKR) v Thomas BOUVAIS (FRA) 12,5,5

Men’s Singles Class 9

SF: Laurens DEVOS (BEL) v MA Lin (USA) - 10,5,6,7

SF: Josh STACEY (GBR) v Didier LUCAS (FRA) 8,8,5

F: Laurens DEVOS (BEL) v Josh STACEY (GBR) 6,1,-12,6

Men’s Singles Class 10


SF: David JACOBS (INA) v Krisztian GARDOS (AUT)

F: Patryk CHOJNOWSKI (POL) v David JACOBS (INA) 9,9,7

Men’s Singles Class 11

SF: KIM Changgi (KOR) v Florian van ACKER (BEL) 9,10,-7,7

SF: KIM Gitae (KOR) v Eduardo CUESTA (ESP) 10,7,7

F: KIM Gitae (KOR) v KIM Changgi (KOR) 7,7,3