Development | 19 Dec 2022

JELER and KOLODZIEJCZYK shared their knowledge in Senec

Organised by ETTU Development Program in collaboration with the Slovak Table Tennis Association, the Women Coaches Seminar was held last week in Senec, Slovakia.

The lecturers Eva JELER and Jaroslaw KOLODZIEJCZYK delivered their theoretical knowledge about the "Mental Aspects and Struggles of the coach", "General and technical preparation of athletes" (JELER) and "Reducing the Gap To Asia from a European perspective- Utopic Illusion or Realistic dream" (KOLODZIEJCZYK).

"We've had 12 female coaches from 9 countries plus more than 10 Slovak coaches attending some of the sessions in the WCS in Senec, where the two speakers with extensive experience shared their knowledge that will surely be very useful for the day-to-day practice of the attendees," explained Galia DVORAK, ETTU Projects Manager.

The attending coaches have had the opportunity to listen to the experiences the speakers have accumulated throughout their careers and learn about the conditions and difficulties that coaches must face throughout their journey and how to cope with them, how to implement different practical drills depending on the moment of the career/season the players are in and a detailed study of the main sporting differences that currently separate Europe from Asia and the opportunities to overcome them.

"I express my particular pleasure as our three-day coaching seminar took place in a very  constructive atmosphere, Eva and Jarek are two coaches with extensive careers and I am very grateful that they share their knowledge with the coaches who will be training tomorrow's champions," added Dvorak.