European Championships | 14 Aug 2022

Rebekka CARLSEN overcame Ema LABOSOVA

The start of the Women's Singles Event brought few upsets and Marketa SEVCIKOVA of Czech Republic was in charge for the one of them in the early afternoon program in Rudi-Sedlmayer-Halle.

Marketa beat Serbia's Sabina SURJAN in four games in the opening round of the Group Stage.

"It was very tense duel from the first game, because we were testing each other to see who could do what. Although, I played with her sometime in the juniors, six years ago, that doesn't count at all. I was a little unsure when she leveled at 1:1, but I still stuck to the set tactics. In the first two games, I learned what applies to her, where I should place the balls, and then it was good. I have taken the first step towards wining my group, but I have no idea how the Italian plays in defense, so nothing is certain yet. I will fight and I believe that I will play the main competition," said SEVCIKOVA.

The big upset was created by Rebekka CARLSEN of Norway. In four games she overcame Ema LOBOSOVA of Slovakia the top seed in Group 15. In top 8 Groups only one two leaders stumbled. Beside SURJAN, in Group 6, Nicole ARLIA of Italy suffered by the hands of Charlotte BARDSLEY of England after full distance duel.

Amelia SOLJA of Austria, Rachel MORET of Switzerland, Andreea DRAGOMAN of Romania, Annett KAUFMANN of Germany, Leone HARTBRICH of Hungary and Mateja JEGER of Croatia successfully concluded their opening round encounters.

In Men's Singles all the favorites concluded the opening round with success. In the Group 1 Tomas POLANSKY of Czech Republic beat Barish MOULLET of Switzerland in straight games. Belgium's Martin ALLEGRO and Cedric NUYTINICK both recorded straight games victories in their respective Groups.

Tom JARVIS of England beat Andrei PUTUNTICA of Moldova, but he was forced to go full distance. Rares SIPOS of Romania was also under pressure against Greek Georgios STAMATOUROS. Same scenario was seen in the match between Ievgen PRYSCHEPA of Ukraine and Giorgos KONSTANTINOPOULOS where Ievgen was streched to full five games.

Eduard IONESCU of Romania, three weeks ago, won the title at the 2022 Dunav Osiguranje European Youth Championships in Belgrade. Only 17-years old showed confinence by beating Mattias MONGIUSTI of San Marino in the opening round.

"I'm confident but last month it was juniors, now they are seniors so it's a whole new level. It's a lot harder but I will try to do my best and hopefully get a medal here also."

On the difference playing against senior player: "They are bigger. They have a lot more experience than me. At the key points – 9-9, 10-10 – it is harder for me to deal with the situation but I am trying my best. Experienced player are calmer than me. Sometimes I get angry. I try to not let people see this but in my head I am very angry.”

On the advantage of coming in as a young talent:

"I am not under pressure here, I don't have pressure when I play because they are bigger. I have a lot of more years to play here so they have more pressure than me. I'm just trying to play my best and feel good."

On winning his first match 3-1:

"It was kind of hard because it was the first game of the tournament. I have to get used to the hall first. Then hopefully it will get better, day by day."