International Events | 22 Mar 2021

European Universities Games will not be held in Belgrade this July

European University Sports Association announced that the upcoming edition of the 5th European Universities Games will not be held in Belgrade this July.

Despite the hard work of the local Organising Committee, EUSA and all the partners, taking into account the current pandemic situation regarding COVID-19, after much analysis and deliberation, a decision has been made that the event in Serbia cannot safely take place in the scheduled period between July 14-27, 2021.

"Although the decision to postpone the Games to 2021 was taken a year ago, we were convinced that the overall pandemic situation would allow us to conduct a safe Games. Today it seems that neither pending vaccination nor lockdowns and other efforts of the governments have brought the expected results, yet we firmly believe that with time, the situation will improve and the Games can be organised in a safe and successful manner. With the safety and well-being of the participants and the hosting country citizens as our priority, we acknowledge the decision not to have the Games in Belgrade in July this year is in the best interests of all concerned," stated Eusa President Adam ROCZEK.

EUSA President ROCZEK also praised the efforts of the Serbian Government.

"We recognise the support received from the Prime Minister of the Government of Serbia Ms Ana BRNABIC and the entire Government, and we thank them for the cooperation and engagement in the years preparing for the event. We also appreciate all the efforts made by the Organising Committee, dedication of the leaders, employees and contribution of the partners, and we sincerely hope to find a solution to maintain our cooperation and to find a way that the Games may be held in Belgrade at a later date. EUSA will now do a consultation with our members, organisers of our events and their authorities to explore the possibilities to organise the Games at a later stage this year."