European Youth Championships | 28 Jul 2021

Straight matches wins for Russia, Romania and France

In the Round of 16 of the Under 15 Boys Team's Event at the GAZPROM European Youth Championships in Varazdin top favorites, Romania and France easily prevailed. Russia joined them after another straight matches victory. Germany was forced to go full distance before they booked their place in the quarters in the match against Hungary.

Romania's Dragos Alexandru BUJOR and Iulian CHIRITA secured passage to the next stage after straight matches win over Spain's Daniel BERZOSA and Pablo BOBO. In another three matches straight duel, Russia's Aleksei SAMOKHIN and Roman VINOGRADOV proved too strong for Switzerland represented by Timothy FALCONNIER and Noe KEUSCH.

“The most important thing is that we have very strong team. We support each other very much. We expected to reach the quarterfinals and now we will have very difficult match against Poland. They are playing very good,” said VINOGRADOV.

Felix LEBRUN and Flavien COTON pushed France to the quarterfinal after win over Israel's Itay AVIVI and Eitay SHUSHAN.

“COTON played very good match against AVIVI. That was important. He lost his opening game and then he recovered at the end. That gave me better position for my match, I played after 1:0 for France. In doubles it was very close again,” said LEBRON.

Czech Republic was starched to four matches in the duel against Bulgaria. Martin SIP and Stepan BRHEL overcame Georgi STOYANOV and Yoan VELICHKOV

“It is overall good performance for the whole team. That was important, to be good as a team. The competition here is very fierce, but I believe that we have a quality and if we maintain our focus we will reach the medal rostrum,” said SIP.

Belgium's Xavier WATS and Tom CLOSSET overcame Sweden' s David BJORKRYD and Isak ALFREDSSON in four matches.

“The opening game against David BJORKRYD was the key moment for me. It was very close, he is very good player. When I managed to win, we were on the right track. We are playing well here and I hope we can win win the medal,” said CLOSSET.

Poland's Alan KULCZYCKI and Michal WANDACHOWICZ overcame Turkey's Yiğit Furkan ŞIMŞEK and Ugurcan DURSUN.

Hungary's David SZANTOSI and Balazs LEI put Germany's Luis KRAUS, Lleyton ULLMANN on severe pressure. Slovakia's Kristian UHERIK, Samuel ARPAS were also tested but they prevailed against Portugal's Rafael KONG and Tiago ABIODUN.