European Youth Championships | 29 Jul 2021

Romania and France will play for title in Under 15 Boys Team's Event

For the title in the Under 15 Boys Team's Event at the GAZPROM European Youth Championships in Varazdin, tomorrow will play Romania against France. In the semi final they prevailed against Czech Republic and Russia.

In the semi final Romania's Iulian CHIRITA easily prevailed against Stepan BRHEL in straight games opening match. Dragos Alexandru BUJOR also gave no hope to Martin SIP and Romania was very quickly on a way to victory with 2:0 lead against Czech Republic. BUJOR and CHIRITA failed to finish the match with the point in doubles and BRHEL and SIP won to help Czech Republic return into the game. It did not last for long. CHIRITA beat SIP in four games.

“After easy start we lost in doubles and my match against SIP was very close. The key was to stay focused, which we did. We fought like the lions,” said CHIRITA.

Two years ago Romania bet France in Ostrava 3:2.

“I hope it will be the same this year. I am looking forward our final match,” added CHIRITA.

France beat Russia in four matches. Felix LEBRUN beat Roman VINOGRADOV in four games to give France a good start, but Aleksei SAMOKHIN beat Flavien COTON to level the score before French pairings prevailed in five games thriller. At the end LEBRUN was at the top of the task. He overcame SAMOKHIN.

“I won the opening match against VINOGRADOV 3:1, but it was 11:9 at the end. Then COTON played very good, but he failed to halt SAMOKHIN. We had to win our doubles. How close it was the results predicts easily – it was 11:9, 11:9 in last two games,” reminded LEBRUN.

Speaking of tomorrow's final LEBRUN added: “I lost the decisive match in the duel against Romania and I hope I will avenge that defeat this year.”

The toughest battle in the quarterfinal was seen in the duel between Russia and Poland. Long after all three central tables were empty, the real drama was playing on table two. No. 5 seeds, Russia, had extremely close start with two wins in five games. Firstly Aleksei SAMOKHIN beat Alan KULCZYCKI and then Roman VINOGRADOV overcame Michal WANDACHOWICZ. It seemed Russia was en route for victory when Poland recovered to win the doubles in straight games. On his second exit to the table VINOGRADOV was once again stretched to full distance and he showed great strength in the decisive moments of the match to seal the duel.

In the quarterfinal, other three duels concluded in straight matches. France beat Slovakia and it was only Flavien COTON who was under pressure. He was forced to go full distance against Kristian UHERIK. Felix LEBRUN faced no problems against Samuel ARPAS. In doubles French pairings lost only one game.

Czech Republic overcame Belgium. Belgium's Xavier WATS and Tom CLOSSET could not find the answer for Martin SIP and Stepan BRHEL.

Romania halted Germany in the quarters after three matches. Dragos Alexandru BUJOR and Iulian CHIRITA won their both singles matches against Luis KRAUS, Lleyton ULLMANN; in doubles BUJOR and CHIRITA overcame KRAUS and Manuel PROHASKA.