Member Associations | 5 Jan 2021

ETTU Development Webinar on January 18th

After a tiring 2020 - not only for table tennis community, but also for the whole world - , Table Tennis is in action in Europe again. There have been some projects applied by ETTU to overcome the Pandemic in 2020 and now New Year begins with a new work, "ETTU Development Webinar".

The topic of this webinar will be “How and in what way to keep the focus on the player’s performance (not on the result)?”

This web camp will be open to all ETTU National Team level coaches and National Team level players.

Each National Association can send as much entries as they wish. In case that the entries exceed the total limit, the participant quota for each NA will be two male and two female players and two male and two female coaches and extra entries will be put into the waiting list.

The session will take place on Zoom programme online, at 11.00 (CET), 10.00 (GMT), 12.00 (Istanbul, Tel Aviv) and will take app. 2 hours.

In the Project Management Team are: Prof. ETTU Development Manager Neven CEGNAR, ETTU Development Webinar Director Samet POLAT.

The lecturers are


- working on psychological preparation of athletes since 1994.

- worked with more than 700 athletes in more than 40 sports

- more than 60 medals from WC, EC and OG

- in table tennis: worked with Tamara Boroš, Zoran Primorac, Andrej Gaćina for several years.

- teaching sport psychology at the Football Academy of the Croatian Football Federation since 2004.

- having fun working with athletes and coaches


working on psychological preparation of athletes since 2016.

- worked with athletes in individual (kick-boxing, tennis) and team sports (handball, football)

- working as associate in the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Zagreb

- coordinating a Team for psychological crisis intervention

- always dreamed to be sport psychologist

The entries must be sent to Mr. Neven CEGNAR (ETTU Development Manager) via e-mail to before January 13th 2021 - 8 p.m. (CET)