Development | 1 May 2020

ETTU Web Camp Project

Designed by Samet POLAT – Turkish TTF


The world facing a serious threat, coronavirus disease resulting in the ongoing 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic. This pandemic also have a serious effect on table tennis and untill now, there has been many precautions taken to keep table tennis community healthy and safe by ITTF, ETTU and National Associations.


ETTU wishes to overcome the obstacles with the help of technology and enable players and coaches to come together again with ETTU Web Camp project .


The web-camp will include daily online sessions lead by different coaches from Europe. Each player & coach will join to the online sessions at the same time. The coaches will describe the exercises and guide the players.


This web camp will be open to National team players in Cadet category.


The player limit is max. 30 female – 30 male players for this camp.

In case the entries exceed the limit, the entries received earlier will be accepted.


The session will take place on Zoom programme online, at 16.30 (CET), 15.30 (GMT), 17.30 (Istanbul, Tel Aviv)


Each day, 2 coaches will have training in different sessions. The coach will create a link and send to all players via e-mail, then players will join to session. The session will include some exercises that could be done during the isolation-period like warm up-footwork-fitness-shadow-flexibility-agility-frequency etc.




Main framework will be exercises without table at home.


The project team is:


Neven CEGNAR – Prof. ETTU Development Manager

Samet POLAT – Project Leader

Babur USTUNDAG – Coach (Turkey)

Lara BROICH – Coach (Germany)

Marcus GUSTAFSON – Coach (England)

Omer GENDLER – Coach (Israel)

The players and coaches will use Zoom programm for the training sessions.


The coaches will set the video conference and send the link to the players, then the players will join to the session. Every player & coach has to register to Zoom before the camp begins.


Web camp is divided into 2 blocks of 6 days and runs from 11.-16.05. and from 18-23.05.2020.

Training starts every day at 16.30 (CET), 15.30 (GMT), 17.30 (Istanbul, Tel Aviv).


The entries will be sent  to Neven CEGNAR (ETTU Development Manager) via e-mail to until 9th May 2020 - 8 p.m. (CET).