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GACINA found the way to stay busy all the time


On Sunday, a strong earthquake has shaken the Croatian capital, Zagreb, bringing much of the population on to the streets after social distancing regulations to prevent the spread of coronavirus had been put in place.


The quake, which struck shortly after 6am local time on Sunday, caused widespread damage, including to the city’s cathedral, and the evacuation of hospitals. The epicenter was 4 miles north of Zagreb, 6 miles above the centre of the 5.3-magnitude earthquake, which was followed by a number of smaller tremors. The prime minister, Andrej PLENKOVI─ć, said the earthquake was the biggest in Zagreb in the last 140 years.


Many buildings in the capital cracked and walls and rooftops were damaged. Streets were littered with debris. Concrete slabs fell on cars and chimneys landed in front of building entrances.


“We are all shaken but unhurt. It is little bit too much to deal with all this currently. The old city is damaged. Two strong earthquakes on top of the lockdown in Zagreb and other measures against CORVID 19…’ explained Andreaj GACINA.


Solidarity is once again the key word.


“It is delicate situation, but we have army on the streets helping people.”


GACINA is trying to stay in shape and he exercise at home, but his main concern is his 26 months -old son.


“I try to do some fitness exercise and do basic prevention from injury, but the rest of the day is booked for my son Adrian. He is small and he has a lot of energy, he is getting boring easily. He needs to be active to go out to play or ride the bike. I do not have time for movies or books. I need all the energy for him,” explained Andrej.




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