Development | 26 Aug 2020

Eva JELER's brilliant lecture highlighted the ETTU coaching webinar

Two days ETTU coaching webinar, held last weekend, was huge success. From 27 countries, 70 coaches improved their knowledge thanks to sessions led by Matilda EKHOLM, Krisztina TOTH and Eva JELER.


After opening day's lectures from player Matilda EKHOLM and coach, Krisztina TOTH, Eva JELER recently retired after being 37 years a national coach for the German Table Tennis Federation took the stand. JELER talked about Technical development of players age 10-15.


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“After the completion of the second part of our ETTU CW 2020 with Eva JELER's lecture, we can express our great satisfaction with all our achieved goals.  Almost a full 4 hours of unusually informative theoretical and practical demonstrations of all methods of working with young players fully justified all our expectations.  All three lecturers provided a large amount of new information for our total of 70 coaches from 27 national federations within ETTU.  We thank all the lecturers, as well as our Samet POLAT, who was the main moderator,” said Neven CEGNAR ETTU Development Manager.


Samet POLAT added: “It is very obvious that the world has a serious change in many aspects and Education is one major part of it.  ETTU Coaching Webinar is a sign that ETTU not only aims to keep up with the latest technology, but also considers Coach Education as a vital issue. It’s an honour to work with the project team consisting of fantastic names like Matilda, Krisztina and two living-legends Eva&Neven. We’d like to thank also 70 coaches from 27 countries. I hope we’ll overcome all the obstacles as a United continent in the future, too; Together and Stronger Europe TT! “


ETTU Cocahing Webinar 2020

Dmitry CHEKUROV (RUS), Aleksander BOROVIK (RUS), Ylli MALOKU (KOS), Dardan IMAMI (KOS), Rastsislau ZHADZKO (BLR), Aleksandrs ŠUTKA (LAT), Anatolijs ISAJEVS (LAT), Kirils JAHONTOVS (LAT), Mehmet Babur USTUNDAG (TUR), YILDIZ Ali Mehmet (TUR), Gokmen OCAL (TUR), Aleksey YEFREMOV (ISL), Josh MORGAN (WAL), Simon OYLER (WAL), Ramil CAFAROV (AZE), Elnur HIAYATZADA (AZE), Sindre ATEIGEN (NOR), Gundars RUSIS (NOR), Chris TURNER (ENG), WAN Guohui (GER), Igor MIHAILOVIC (SVK), Xavier MARTINEZ (AND), Martin TUPPER (JEY), Miguel FREITAS (JEY), Madalin IONASCU (ROU), Seni IONUT (ROU), Tomas VRNAK (CZE), Sashko BOGATINOV (MKD), Arturas ORLOVAS (LTU), Titus DAMSMA (NED), Marcel KRAA (NED), Vasilii GUSHCHIN (RUS), Lorenas VISMANTAS (LTU), Michael TAUBER (ISR), Wiener TAL (ISR), Zoltan BATORFI (HUN), Mirko HABEL (LUX), Christian KILL (LUX), Goran PREMOVIC (MNG), Besire DOMANIKU (KOS), Sanita SVEILE (LAT), Tamara BOROS (GER), Ezgi Hilal SENTEKIN (TUR), Sahin GONUL (TUR), Serap DIVRAK (TUR), Natasha HURD (WAL), Cerys EVANS (WAL), Nicole TROSMAN (ISR), Sinai ITZHAKI (ISR), Iwona KUSZAJ (NOR), Grutle Marte AESEBO (NOR), Evie COLLIER (ENG), Dana WEBER (GER), Lucia COLOVICKOVA (SVK), Gulnara IBRAHIMOVA (AZE), Rufat GULIYEVA (AZE), Anamaria SEBE (ROM), Mihaela STEFF (ROM), Iveta VACENOVSKA (CZE), Gabriele MATUKAITYTE KLIMIENE (LTU), Justina RIMKEVICIUTE (LTU), Natalia SMIRNOVA (MDA), Isabelle THIBAUD (FRA), Nada BANJAC (SRB), Snezana CULAFIC (MNG), Sasa VULETIC (MNG), Omer GENDLER (ISR), Afonso VILELA (POR), Kris PIWOWAR (ENG), Jo PIWOWAR (ENG).