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European Championships - 24 Sep 2019

Mixed Doubles Event introduced into Under 21 European Championships


The most important topics on the ETTU Ordinary Congress 2019 in Nantes during the LIEBHERR European Championships were the ones that consider regulations of the European Championships. 

There have been 25 propositions regarding the ETTU competitions. One of the most important is the new event at the European Under 21 Championships. Beside Men's and Women's Doubles and Singles Event, the players will fight for title in Mixed Doubles. That will extend the period of competition from four to five days.


The system of play at the European Youth Championships will go under change. To ensure the competition schedule of the final day of team events can be completed satisfactorily and to allow the team event finals to commence at an optimum time, it was accepted not to play the final match to determine positions unless required for promotion and relegation to and from level 1 or for qualification for other events such as ITTF World Junior Championships.


Qualification round will be introduced in Singles Event; 32 seeded players shall be directly placed in first rounds of the knockout stage. All remaining players shall play in a qualification stage in groups of 3 or 4 players. There will be no more consolation events.

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