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ETTU Cup Men - 8 Jan 2018

TTC Sokah Hoboken looking for a place in quarters

Photo: TTC Sokah Hoboken

Men's ETTU Cup


Belgium’s TTC Sokah Hoboken, required to play the Group Stage of the Men’s ETTU Cup, reached the Fourth Round of the competition. Starting for Round Two, they beat ASD Marcozzi and Fortune Kyiv, failed only to succeed against Enjoy & Deploy Taverzo. In Round Three they overcame Ping Pong Club Villeneuvois by points ratio and on Friday they will seek for the chance to reach the quarterfinal against SF SKK El Nino Praha.


Dutch champion, and national team player who is playing for Sokah since 2015, Rajko GOMMERS, will lead his team mates


 "I think that we are in a very good shape after a short, but needed Christmas break. That means we are fresh and ready to fight for every point this round," stated Rajko GOMMERS.


How much do you know about your Czech adversaries?


"I think it is going to be a very close match. I know the players of El Nino Praha a little, thanks to the World Tour tournaments, but it is always different in situation in a team competition, I find. I think that for us it is important just to fight for every point and be very watchful for unnecessary mistakes. If we can do this over two matches, everything is possible."


Have you played before against each other?


"I played against El Nino Prague a couple of years ago with my previous club Taverzo Zoetermeer, I have very nice memories about that match, so I am happy to go back to Prague. I know two of the opponents, GAVLAS and REITSPIES. Both I played in the World Tour circuit, lost two times but both very close matches, so I know it’s possible to win,  but I also know I need to bring my best possible game."


GOMMERS added:


" I think this counts not only for me but, also for my teammates. El Nino is a very strong team with three good players, but I believe there are definitely chances to advance to the next round. Already nobody expected us to beat PPC Villeneuve in the previous round, but we did."


 What do you think it will be the main advantage in your game?


"Because it is the first time for Sokah Hoboken to have come so far in the ETTU Cup, I think we have absolutely nothing to lose. So we can just give it our all and see what happens."

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