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European Championships - 17 Sep 2017

ETTU Congress voted in favor of new look of ETTC with 24 teams in final stage

The main decision voted at the ETTU Congress held during the LIEBHERR ITTF European Championships in Luxembourg is that European Teams Championships, in odd numbered years, will be concluded with the final stage with 24 men’s teams and 24 women’s teams.


In favour of this proposition were 30 delegates and 9 were against. The proposal for 16 teams in the final stages, was defeated with 32 votes against.


Previously appointed Honorary Members Stefano BOSI (Italy), Jean Francois KAHN (France) and Camille GONDERINGER (Luxembourg) were present in Luxembourg and the awards were presented.


Badge of Honour were awarded to Victor ANDREEV (Russia), Volodymyr GEVORGIZOV (Ukraine), Taisei IMAMURA (Japan), Matja KRNC (Slovenia), Roman MARKOV (Russia), Alexander PETKEVICH (Belarus), Andreas PREUSS (Germany), Gunter RENNER (Austria), Beatrice ROMANESCU (Romania), Peter SARTZ (Sweden), Milan STENCEL (Croatia), Petra SORLING (Sweden),


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