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Member Associations - 1 Mar 2017

Benedek OLÁH ready for Championships

Finnish Championship


Finnish Championship will take place in the city of Kuopio, on Saturday and Sunday. This is the first time ever that the club, Kuopion Pöytätennisseura are organising the Finnish Championshipis.


The main favourite in Men´s singles is easy to name. Benedek OLÁH is slowly but surely recovering from the toe surgery and everything but his win would be a huge suprise.


In women´s singles there are few candidates: Annika LUNDSTÖM is reigning champion and she is in good shape now too, but she will face a huge challenge from Anna KIRICHENKO and Yumo LUO.


In Men´s doubles Benedek OLÁH is playing with Lauri LAANE, who is a very good doubles player, but not among the highest ranked players in singles. Otto TENNILÄ & Miikka O´CONNOR will put OLÁH/LAANE on severe test to say the least. Both of them have also played in Finnish Team international matches this season.


In Women´s doubles there are three good pairs and everyone of them can take the title. Annika LUNDSTRÖM & Pihla ERIKSSON are the highest seeded pair.



Winners in 2016:


MS: Benedek OLÁH




Mixed D: Lauri LAANE/Yumo LUO


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