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European Youth Championships - 20 Jul 2017

European rankings and players statistic easily available

Photo: Henk HOMMES

ETTU site updates


The ETTU site already offered a new online platform with sports statistic data and results from previous competitions, all at one place. One month later, we are ready for the next step. Now, all the data on the European Rankings starting May 2014 until now are available on the ETTU Results/Stats webpage (


Behind the work of developing and launching a new platform are ITTF and ETTU Competition Manager Dimosthenis MESSINIS who created the platform and the Ranking Committee Chairman Igor HELLER who provided all the results data.


"The new presentation offers a much better view on the European Rankings. Not only you can see the ranking positions and points, you can follow the development of a player or a group of players over the years. Many different kinds of queries can be done and players, coaches and table tennis fans. Maybe it can be used for scientific research as well. It will be extended every month and also rankings from the past will be added," explained HELLER.


Those are just the first steps; ETTU will go deeper in history and will widen the field of data to be offered to the visitors, fans, coaches, players, media etc. With just a few clicks everyone will be able to see the ranking position and the ranking points of every ranked player in every age category on the same page and follow their progress during the year dynamically. There is no need to search for players in multiple pdf's because all are at one place. The system provides a very efficient way to find the data you want instantly.



"The new ETTU results, statistics and rankings webpage was made to help table tennis fans having an access to historical results and rankings in a much easier and clearer way. It's a database driven website which can be a useful tool to all table tennis professionals who are looking for information of this kind. The rankings page will be updated monthly and we ensure that more and more results and stats will be added soon," added Dimosthenis MESSINIS.


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