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World Championships - 1 Mar 2016

France upset the favorites - again

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Perfect 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championships


After the victory over Belarus, Ukraine collected six points and emerged at the position no. two in the Group C in the Women’s Event at the Perfect 2016 World Team Table Tennis Championships. They are behind Singapore and Netherlands.


Viktoria PAVLOVICH gave Belarus good start with the victory over Tetyana BILENKO, but the team could not stay at the same course.


“Victoria played very aggressive. I was struggling to impose my game. Whenever I came close she started to play faster and faster. Her service was lethal; I could not do anything to slow her down. I had no chance today, PAVLOVICH controlled the match from the very beginning. However, on the other side Margaryta PESOTSKA made no mistakes,” said BIlenko.


PESOTSKA beat Alexandra PRIVALOVA and Viktoria in straight games, despite the neck injury.


“I had a therapy, got some medication so I was able to play.  I felt less pain, but it affected my game. I had to change my style to adjust to new condition,” said PESOTSKA.


Ganna GAPONOVA succeeded against Daria TRIGOLOS.


In the same Group, France overcame Netherlands in the full distance duel and surprisingly, Elena TIMINA was in the team instead of Li Jiao. So far, France failed to post the victory, so the one against the top seeded team in the Group made girls very happy. In the decisive game Pauline CHASSELIN made her winning premiere on her very first senior World Championships. Last year she was still playing in junior category.


“It is wonderful experience to be here at the World Championships. Nothing comperes to this. Now when I won, it is even better,” said c.” In December I beat Britt EERLAND in French league. That gave me extra confidence. I had an advantage; mentally I was ready for this duel. It was completely different situation against LI. With her variations of strokes it is hard to beat her. However, I am improving my game against the defenders. In the training center I have opportunity to play against choppers and I think it looks much better now. “


Carole GRUNDISCH beat Britt but lost against LI.


“We were very surprised when we saw the draw. It caught us on the wrong foot to see Elena in the line up, but we saw our chances. Britt is close to my rankings and we were seeking for the opportunities to attack LI. Against EERLAND I was 0:2 down but I stayed calm. I changed the service game and it disturbed her. I read her game, I saw through her tactics and it paid off eventually. However, it did not work against LI. She always adds some extra quality to her balls. It is so unlike the European players,” said GRUNDISCH.


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