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Champions League Women - 15 Mar 2016

Cartagena will not give up in Poland

Photo: Courtesy UCAM Cartagena

„We will try to do our best in the returning match”, cited Iulia NECULA who brought unique point to Spanish club in the first ECLW semi-final leg against Zamek Tarnobrzeg


UCAM Cartagena lost to Zamek Tarnobrzeg 3:1 in the first semi-final leg of 2015/16 ECLW, but Spanish side is not disappointed at all. They are determined to enjoy in their first ever ECLW semis, looking forward to the returning leg in Poland, on April 1st.


„I am satisfied with the performance of the team”, stated Cartagena`s coach Adriana ZAMFIR. „The key result was the defeat of WANG Zhipei to PARTYKA (3rd match). I think if we had won that point, we would have had chances to win the match. Iulia NECULA has played at a high level and the next game is going to train hard and although we know it is very difficult, let's try.


Iulia NECULA secured early lead to Cartagena, as she beat LI Qian. But, HAN Ying (two points) and Natalia PARTYKA (one) provided victory for the current ETTU Cup winner.


„We knew before that is going to be a difficult match especially when the other team has some of the best players in Europe. We changed the composition of our team hoping for a good draw and we got it as expected, that being the possible way to keep us in the game”, stressed NECULA and explained how it looked like to play against LI Qian and HAN Ying:


„For me playing against two top ranked defensive was a very exited but yet exhausting feeling. I started well controlling the ball and won my points without making easy mistakes. It was a very tactic and strategic game which lead me to the victory in the first match against LI Qian. Unfortunately couldn't keep up the same rhythm in the second match against HAN Ying. The nerves and willing to win showed off and lost very narrow. Although it will be very difficult to overcome the score in Poland we will try to do our best and don't give up any option! We have almost two weeks left so we can plan the match properly”.


Manager Enrique PEREZ said that his side will not give up in Poland:

„We are satisfied with the experience, we have overcome the initial goal, was a celebration of our sport, it has been televised live, the Hall is full of fans who have enjoyed spectacular plays. Zamek was better than us, but the next game is going to work to try to beat them.”

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