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European Youth Championships - 6 Jul 2016

Darko JORGIC top favorite for crown

Photo: ITTF

European Youth Championships


European champion in doubles, Darko JORGIC of Slovenia is coming to Croatia not only to defend the doubles title, he is also the top favorite for the crown in the singles event. As a number one player at the European Junior Rankings, JORGIC aims highest place at the medal rostrum at the European Youth Championships. This year the throne is empty, since the reigning champion Anton KALLBERG of Sweden is no more junior.


“The final preparations are underway in Slovenia. I am in the national training camp for almost whole season, whilst in the last three weeks we intensify the trainings with very strong sparing partners. Ukraine’s KOU Lei was with us, nationsal team of Luxembourg and we will work with team of England and Italy in the ultimate phase,” stated JORGIC.


In Croatia you will come as no. one European. Do you feel the pressure?


“Now, I am the one who everyone wants to beat. I will try to ignore it, The most iomportant thing is to play tacticly good and to avoid any big oscilations in the game.”


In the singles, three years in the row, JORGIC was halted one step short to the medal rostrum.


“I lost three consecutive quarterfinals. I hope I will break this circle.”


Who is the main challenger this year?


“Usual suspecs as Romania’s Cristian PLETEA, French Alexandre CASSIN, Aliaksandr KHANIN of Belarus, Tomas POLANSKY of Czech Republic, Andreas LEVENKo of Austria…Against all of them I have positive record. The only exception is CASSIN. I do not have good score against him.”


This was very successful year for Darko. He won the tournaments in Egypt, Hungary, Italy, Serbia, Qatar, won silver in Czech Republic.


In Zagreb in Team’s Event Slovenia, in Group D will meet Czech Republic, Sweden and Turkey.


“ I believe we can manage to be first in the Group. I expect it will be harder against Czech Republic. According to rankings they are no. two seeds in our Group, but we do not know that team. They have a new line up. This season we did not have a chance to met them.”


What is your goal?



“In team’s event I hope we will reach top 8, in doubles  I can win the medal again and in singles I also hope I can reach the medal rostrum.”


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