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Development - 28 Jan 2016

Mr. Feng Zhe shared his great experience

ETTU - ITTF Coaching Seminar – Budapest 2016


The first professional meeting of European coaches for this year was held in Budapest from January 24 to January 26, 2016 (Ormai Laszlo Sports Hall). It gathered 32 coaches from 15 European countries and featured two very interesting topics (“Methodical approach to learning of technical skills for young players” and “Selection Criteria in China at a young age”).

“Lectures were held in 4 sessions, during which a video and a power point presentation were given by the main lecturer, Mr. Feng Zhe of China. After a long and distinguished career as a player, Mr. Feng Zhe is now one of the coaches in educational projects of the Chinese College. Our interpreter and translator during those three days of lectures was Mr. Chan Bill of Canada and he did a superb job,” said Neven CEGNAR, ETTU Development Manager.

HTTA (Hungarian Table Tennis Association), headed by the General Secretary, Mr. Miklos STOCKER, and his Project Assistant, Mr. Tamas DOBAK, co-organized the seminar.

During the three-day lectures, all the coaches paid special attention to practical demonstration of technical skills training, with specific examples and comparisons between players from Asia and Europe, and to methodical approach to correcting certain mistakes in movement automatization.

In addition to the interesting lectures, all seminar participants enjoyed two very valuable presentations given by two guest lecturers: Ms. Irene FABER (NED) and Mr. Goran MUNIVRANA (CRO), who gave their project presentations on the topics “Profiling international elite youth table tennis players using a multidimensional approach” and “Presentation of global university education project designed for table tennis coaches and players”.

“In the end, I would especially like to thank all my associates from the ETTU/ITTF who provided their support and help in the realization of this valuable professional seminar. It is especially noteworthy that Secretary General, Mr. Richard SCRUTON and Deputy President, Mr. Ivo – Goran MUNIVRANA attended our expert meeting, addressed the gathered coaches and talked about the ETTU plans and future projects within the scope of the ETTU development program,” stated Neven CEGNAR.

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