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European Championships - 23 Oct 2016

WINTER and SILBEREISEN clinched the title in Women’s Doubles

Photo: Richard Kalosai

LIEBHERR 2016 ITTF European Championships


In 2013 in Austria’s Schwechat, Petrissa SOLJA and Sabine WINTER were doubles partners when they clinched the gold at the European Championships. This time they were at the opposite sides of the table, in the all - German clash for the crown in the Women’s Doubles Event at the LIEBHERR 2016 ITTF European Championships in Budapest. Partnering Kristin SILBEREISEN, it was Sabine who reached the top of the medal rostrum once again. SOLJA and SHAN Xiaona won silver 4:3 (12:10, 8:11, 11:8, 11:8, 3:11, 7:11, 11:8).


“Like now, in Austria I also faced my teammates. I used to it. The match is over and now we will be together and having good time together again,” said WINTER.


In the final it was very close game at the beginning; WINTER and SILBEREISEN won the opening game by the narrow margin before SOLJA and SHAN Xiaona promptly responded. In next two games WINTER and SILBEREISEN dominated, but in fifth their adversaries put the pressure on. With 9:0 on the scoreboard, the fifth game was decided very fast in favor of SOLJA and SHAN. In the same pace they continued and pushed to the decider.


“In the seventh game after 8:8 the umpire ruled the fault service. I do not want to judge was this decision correct or not, but the fact is that we played few very good points before and after that. It was important moment, but before that we already melted their advantage and leveled the game,” said SILBEREISEN.


SOLJA added: ”I am very disappointed.“


The only medal for the host nation has been won by Dora MARADARASZ and Szandra PERGEL. They shared the bronze with European champions from 2012 in Herning and 2009 in Stuttgart, Daniela MONTEIRO DODEAN and Elizabeta SAMARA of Romania.


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