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Champions League Men - 12 Oct 2016

VLASOV: I was able to overcome the opponent and myself

Photo: Courtesy UMMC

UMMC player explains how he managed to keep his side in the game, playing TTCLM Round 1 match against Mattias OVERSJO from KS UNIA AZS AWFIS GDANSK


Russian club TTSC UMMC, actual No. 3 seed of 2016/17 Table Tennis Champions League Men, was faced with a huge challenge in the opening round, being two matches down against No. 11 seed KS UNIA AZS AWFIS GDANSK. But, Tatiana KUTERGINA`s side managed to recover and win, mostly thanks to Grigory VLASOV who beat Mattias OVERSJO in the third clash.


“When you come out to the table, of course, you fight to the end, knowing that the result of the entire team depends on your game”, stated VLASOV. “We all should have a little patience; I was able to overcome the opponent and myself. I want to say thank you to the fans: the energy in the hall was extraordinary. My victory set the team off, because we understood that we did not have the right to step back. This victory is an excellent foundation for the new season, we are very happy. As for me, the game turned out to be a little nervous, probably because it was the season starter and because two games were lost before my game. Later I played out and, so to say, the game got rolling.”


TTSC UMMC Coach Tatiana KUTERGINA stressed:

“I want to congratulate all fans with the first victory of the season! I want to specially thank Grigory VLASOV. I must say it is not the first time he gets into hot water and goes out a winner. He has proved it many times that he is a real fighter. I was almost sure that we would win.”


Player of KS UNIA AZS AWFIS GDANSK, WANG Yang had a nice beginning, as he beat Andrej GACINA in five games, but he lost to Alexander SHIBAEV in the decider.


“It was a very long 4-hours match, plus 4-hours difference with Poland. We are very tired. Yes, we lost the match but we did our best”, said WANG Yang.

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