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Europe Youth Top-10 - 9 Oct 2016

Seven players selected for Eurotalents Development group 2016

ETTU Eurotalents (TI&S)


The final selection camp in Slovenia's Otocec concluded successfully. ETTU Eurotalents (TI&S) invited 35 players selected from Pre-Selection Camps 2016 and Eurominichamp’s tournament 2016 in Schiltingheim, to Otočec. In Slovenia 27 of them were on duty; after evaluations seven of them are chosen for the Eurotalents Development group 2016.


“After very complex analyses done by Istvan KORPA, Joze URH and me, we selected seven players. We used six criteria. Those players will be part of our ETTU Eurotalents Development U-15 project in 2017, together with the players selected in 2014 and 2015,” said ETTU Development Manager Neven CEGNAR.


The selected players are:

  1. Ionescu Eduard (ROM)
  2. Tomica Andrej (ROM)
  3. Badea Bogdan (ROM)
  4. Oleskevych Jaroslav (UKR)
  5. Papadimitriou Malammatenia (GRE)
  6. Santos Patricia (POR)
  7. Carnovale Miriam (ITA)

The players, who were not able to come to Otocec, will still have the chance to be selected based on their results and quality.




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