Euro-Asia All Stars Challenge

Asia in the lead after first day (3:2)

Asia is in the lead after the first day of the play at the 2014 Asia – Europe All Stars Challenge (Asian Event) – 3:2. Adrian CRISAN and TAN Riuwu scored for Europe, whilst XU Xin, CHUANG Chih Yuan and Jun MIZUTANI recorded wins for host Continent. Europe

Asia is in the lead after the first day of the play at the 2014 Asia – Europe All Stars Challenge (Asian Event) – 3:2. Adrian CRISAN and TAN Riuwu scored for Europe, whilst XU Xin, CHUANG Chih Yuan and Jun MIZUTANI recorded wins for host Continent.

European team arrived safe in Zhangjiagang. Team members landed in Shanghai, whilst ETTU President Ronald KRAMER and Europe’s team captain Richard PRAUSE landed in WU Xi. After three hours of drive, they reached the destination in Zhangjiagang.

Players already had morning training and we are all waiting for the first match of the Asian Event of the 2014 Asia – Europe All Stars Challenge.

“We traveled well, boys are OK. After hour and the half of training they are all anxious to start the duel,” said coach Richard PRAUSE.

Players has busy schedule in China. Before meal, they have visited local hospital and even exchanged few strokes with few patients. After the training they played with kids in fan zone.

On Day one Robert GARDOS will open the match with duel against Jun MIZUTANI, Adrian CRISAN vs. GAO Ning is next in line and Panagiotis GIONIS vs. XU Xin in third on list. After, Bastian STEGER will play against CHUANG Chih Yuan and TAN Riuwu in final encounter will play against TANG PENG.

Europe – Asia 0:1 - Robert GARDOS – Jun MIZUTANI 0:3 (9:11, 8:11, 5:11)

In the opening game, after slow start 1:5, Robert came back on 7:7 but lost important last point with backhand top-spin out of the table. Jun was very fast and very offensive.

In second game we saw a: very nice table tennis from both players. Jun was always point or two in the lead. It seams that double-colored (white-yellow) balls does not disturb them, It seams Jun was still a little bit faster.

In the final game Japan’s player made an early 0:3lead. It forced coach Richard PRAUSE to call for time-out called. New plastic balls gave some extra speed to Jun MIZUTANI. He is looking much faster than before. However the course of the match remained the same. Nothing changed, 1:6, on the end 11:5.

Europe – Asia 1:1 -Adrian CRISAN – GAO Ning 3:2 (11:9, 11:5, 7:11, 3:11, 12:10)

GAO Ning started well but Adrian CRISAN caught him at 9:9 and finish in great style first game with two agressive attacks. Losing first game, GAO returned to the table under stress and Adrian took advantage of him very easily with 11:5 in next game. Impressive backhands from half-distance were major weapon from Romania’s player.

The nice opening of the third game followed. It started with the two big points from GAO. Game was wide open until 7:7. The audience enjoyed fierce battle in the court. Lead by more than 3.000 spectators, GAO won 11:7.
In fourth game, the match went in different direction. It seamed like there is only one player in front of the table – and it was GAO. He blew away Adrian with 11:3 by puting extra pressure on him ball after ball.

In decisive game, once again crowded Gymnasium vitnesed great table tennis, big points… Adrian compeletly recovered and hammered GAO with strong counter-attacks….At 6:3 he was in the lead when WU Jing Ping called time-out for GAO…6:5..It was time for PRAUSE to call for time-out. The score board showed 7:5, 8:5, .9:5, 9:6 and 9:7 on Adrian´s service. The 9:8 was just the intro of the drama that follows. GAO leveled, 9:9, and then it was 10:9 after return mistake from GAO. On match ball Adrian missed first top-spin and it was 10:10. On second match ball at 11:10 after two backhand top-spins Adrian won the match with strong forhand.

Europe – Asia 1:2 – Panagiotis GIONIS – XU Xin 0:3 (4:11, 5:11, 8:11)

Great atmosphere in Jiang Su Zhang Jiagang Gymnasium reached boiling point. The anticipation reached the top before the match of the day. Home crowd awaited great duel from World no. one XU Xin against European defender GIONIS.

In the first game XU established the 5:3 lead, Panos looked a little bit to much impressed by the event so soon it was 7:3, after two terrible forhands – 10:4. And eventualy 11:4 whilst we were looking best player in the world in very good shape.
Second game was a bit better for GIONIS, 4:4, but there is no diffence against XU’s attacks and now soon Chinese star came to very quickly 11:5

In third game it was close only in the opening stage ;5:5 before XU reached 9 :6. Xu has close the match in great style by 11:08.

Europe -Asia 1:3 – Bastian STEGER – CHUANG Chih Yuan 0:3 (8:11, 6:11, 6:11)

Asia added another point to their score board. The best ranked European player on duty in China, Bastian STEGER was fast but CHUANG was faster on his legs. Serial of strong forehand attacks brought big advantage to him – 10:5 and soon he closed first game with 11:08.

In second game CHUANG was unstoppable and established easy lead 7:3, and closed the game at 11:6.

In the third game, it was the same story as Bastian can´t control CHUANG in full speed. Match finished11:06 for him and Asia leads 3:1.

Europe – Asia 2:3 - TAN Riuwu– TANG Peng 3:1 (11:8, 8:11, 11: 9, 11:8)

Europe is back in game. TAN Riuwu started well against TANG Peng. It was quick 6:3 but, in split second the immediate answer from TANG followed, and he leveled at 8:8. It was not good enough as TAN closed at 11:08 with two backhand pimples-out blocks.

Little bit more aggressive playing from TANG brought him second game by 11:08. Third game was equal until 9:8 for TANG when he missed one easy chop and he lost this game at 9:11. More mistakes came in the fourth game when TANG lost control of all strokes and he was down by 1:2 in games and 4:9, 6:10. Eventually TAN is sealed the first day with sustainable loose of 2:3.



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