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Development - 29 May 2013

Physical preparation seminar in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki was the host of the seminar co-organised by The European Table Tennis Union and Hellenic Table Tennis Association. The expert on duty was Dr. Miran KONDRIC from Faculty of Sport, Slovenia. Two years ago the similar seminar was conducted in At

Thessaloniki was the host of the seminar co-organised by The European Table Tennis Union and Hellenic Table Tennis Association. The expert on duty was Dr. Miran KONDRIC from Faculty of Sport, Slovenia. Two years ago the similar seminar was conducted in Athens and this time location was some 500 km away from the capitol of Greece.

In total 22 participants attended the seminar and among them were table tennis coaches from Thessaloniki and some neighboured cities. Thru three days seminar participants have taken theoretical and practical lessons. Theoretical background in physical preparation, fitness testing, monitoring, planning, loads in training and choice of exercises were the key points of the seminar. Special attention was pointed on proper warming up in different categories and levels of players. Benefits of all those parameters are necessarily for the exact planning of table tennis training.

“Performance in table tennis is the result of a number of factors, and physical preparation has a special role in table tennis plan. Therefore, physical training accounts a portion of any performance, and so the role of any physical coach depends on cooperation with head coach who has to prepare balanced program in which player can fulfill all the goals of his/her development” said Dr. KONDRIC. “Still physical preparation is one of the key roles in table tennis players training. You can have a perfect technique but if you cannot reach the ball, all your work in technical part was a waste of time.”

During physical preparation there can be difficulties in selection of exercises and independent planning of trainings. In such cases it is possible to take advantage already of known programs of training, taking into account only features of the body build and level of training. Players who prefer to attack and often play top spin strokes are especially prone to injuries of the shoulder girdle. A correct fitness-training programme must therefore be carefully planned throughout the year (definition and enhancement of both the general and specific fitness). But, during the season, a training programme design should be aimed at maintaining, rather than to increasing the level of fitness. The role of the physical coach is to bridge the gap between the theory of training and applied training, helping players to become faster, stronger and more flexible and to build their muscular endurance so they perform better and remain injury free. Physical coaches’ works alongside a table tennis coach to assist them in designing specific programmes that will address the particular need of the player.

The ETTU and Hellenic Table Tennis Association signed agreement on coaches’ education and this is a promise to a future collaboration aiming the raise of table tennis coach’s knowledge. Through different tools, such as publications, seminars and workshops, concourses and campaigns they want to support Greek coaches under the motto: “Educate through positive models”. On one side, the ETTU provides financial and professional supportThe Hellenic TT Association will support the project by publishing and distributing different booklets, posters, etc., related to the table tennis subjects and making sure that these publications arrive to the table tennis coaches as well. “Organizing seminars is not enough so we would like to stay in contact with Miran who will provide additional information and programs to interested coaches and help us to publish additional materials”, added Sokrates PAPASAVOGLOU the local head coach.

“It was my second stay in Greece and first stay in Thessaloniki and I am delighted. Like Athens also Thessaloniki is a hyper-archaeological site with important tourist monuments. For me as a physical training coach it was that’s why walking the best way to discover Thessaloniki and among that I had also to burn out some calories since Sokrates, Nikos, Michael and especially girls (Anita, Barbara and Lydija) have had fun with me presenting me all possible variations of Greek food ”, pointed out expert on duty.

“For both sides this was a great experience. During the seminar and my leisure time I have in Nikos the local “alfa and omega in table tennis organizing” a perfect guide. The participants became new knowledge on physical preparation and I become free lessons on Greek language. Still I have high problems with Greek language but having Michael KATSIKADELIS as a translator at my side it was very easy to communicate with participants”, concluded dr. Kondric.


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