Development | 1 Sep 2023

In August ETTU successfully organised 5 growth-focused events

August has been a lively month for ETTU with 5 growth-focused events organised in different spots of the continent.

The month began with the Eurotalents selection camp held in Kiskunfélegyháza, Hungary (4th to 11th August) followed by the National Association Assistance Program (NAAP) activity that took place in Andorra (14th to 19th August).

Mid-August witnessed another NAAP activity, a youth development camp in Kosovo, where 14 promising players improved their skills under the guidance of Vesna OJTERSEK from the 16th to the 20th of August.

One of the highlights of the month was the Eurotalents U-13 camp hosted in Strasbourg, France. Here, 18 boys and 17 girls under the age of 13 from sixteen different countries gathered under the guidance of the Coaches Stephane HUCLIEZ, Nicolas METAIREAU, Rémi BETELU, and a dedicated team of 19 coaches provided guidance and training. This camp was held in conjunction with the EuroMiniChamps in Schiltigheim, which drew more than 400 players.

Wrapping up the month was the U15/U17 training camp in Luxembourg. This initiative allowed European young players to train alongside their counterparts from the China Table Tennis College. Under the expert guidance of Heinz THEWS, Peter ENGEL, CHENG Xia, ZHANG Yining, YAN Sen, and ZHENG Chaoying, this camp not only provided skill development but also a platform for cross-cultural exchange.

Looking ahead, our development program's next stop is the Annual Coaching Conference in Malmö, scheduled from September 14th to 16th.