Member Associations | 30 Oct 2023

Table Tennis Hall Turns Pink

On Saturday, the PRiPING Ping Pong Club hosted the traditional "PINK-PONG Breast Cancer Awareness Table Tennis Tournament" with a significant mission: to raise awareness about breast cancer. The color pink transformed the ping pong hall, emphasizing the collaboration in raising awareness about this disease.

This tournament was unique and held as part of the "Prishtina Pink" campaign. In addition to ping pong matches, informative sessions were organized, featuring Dr. Ilir KURTISHI from the Oncology Department, Ms. Nafije LATIFI from Jeta Vita, and Dr. Izet SADIKU from the Health Directorate, who shared valuable information about breast cancer and the importance of early screening.

In this context, ping pong became more than just a sport; it became a means to unite the community and raise awareness about this serious health issue. The use of the pink color on ping pong balls, rackets, and shirts symbolized solidarity with women seeking early diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer.

The participation of women and girls was crucial, as they played a pivotal role in disseminating information and raising awareness about this issue through their social networks and communication with their families.

Kastriot ORANA, the chairman of the PRiPING Club, expressed his satisfaction with the massive participation in this event and emphasized the key role of sports organizations and other partners in promoting women's health. He extended his gratitude to Jeta Vita, the Municipality of Prishtina, the Oncology Clinic, and Rotary Club Newborn Prishtina for their collaboration.

In this context, it is crucial to acknowledge and support the efforts of various companies and organizations that support such awareness events. Corporations like Rugova, Vitabiotics Kosovo, and 2U made the realization of this tournament possible.