Champions League Women | 3 Nov 2023

LINZ AG Froschberg ready for Etival ASRTT

In the opening match in the Champions League Stage 2, in Group C, the French team GRAND-QUEVILLY ALCL caught LINZ AG Froschberg off guard. With a 2:3 loss in the home game, Linz women find themselves under pressure unusually early. Now, Etival ASRTT (FRA), a team from France that can be considered stronger, is coming to Linz, and they caused quite a headache for the Linz team last year.

In contrast to the first ECL game, the Linz women are well-prepared this time, and they go into the game against Etival with renewed confidence.

LINZ AG Froschberg under high tension

Sofia POLCANOVA, who, after her strong performance at the Frankfurt Masters with absolutely sensational world-class rallies against China's WANG Yidi, the world's number 5, managed to forget her perceived training gap.

Certainly, POLCANOVA'S incredible fast "come-back" once again should provide her and the Froschberg team with the necessary support and self-confidence for this crucial home game on Sunday.

"I felt really good in Frankfurt, I realized that things are heading in the right direction again, both physically and mentally. My hip held up very well. I'm ready for Sunday, very positive."

Unlike the last Champions League match, Suthasini SAWETTABUT, who could only arrive at the game on the day of the match due to being extremely tired from the WTT tournament in Antalya, was able to arrive in time this time and prepare accordingly.

With Yana NOSKOVA, who, in 2018, alongside Sofia POLCANOVA, won the silver medal in the women's doubles at the European Championships in Alicante, the Linz team can deploy an internationally experienced player in this encounter and strengthen the Linz Team.