Olympiacos SFP ready for the challenge in the OLP-COSCO Europe Trophy Grand Final

Olympiacos SFP dominated in the opening stage of the Europe Trophy played in November in Beocin and they are again big favorites for the title at the OLP-COSCO Grand Final scheduled for this weekend. Now, Greek club will be the hosts in Piraeus and they will play with even more impressive lineup.

England's Liam PITCHFORD will strengthen the lineup that already includes names of Andrej GACINA and Tomislav PUCAR. At the list is also Anastasios RINIOTIS.

In Piraeus will also play Poland's KS Global Pharma Orlicz 1924 Suchedniow, Luxembourg's DT Hueschtert-Folscht and Libertas Marinkolor from Croatia. In Group B are Austria's PANACEO Stockerau, Belgium's Logis Auderghem TT, Portugal's AD Ponta Do Pargo and Radnicki Beocin.

"We were the favorites already in the first tournament without Liam, now we hope we will meet the expectations once again, since he will join us," said Tomislav PUCAR.

PUCAR stated that he expects that the closest match will be against Croatia's Libertas Marinkolor.

"GACINA and I played against them many times. We know each other very well. However, in general it will be tough against all the clubs. Since we are favorites they will all play much more relaxed and it could be dangerous."

On Saturday clubs will play three rounds in group stage.

'It will be like in junior's days," said PUCAR laughing." We will be in the venue whole day."

Olympiacos is the leading club currently in Greek League and the players were also very busy at the International scene. All three players were on duty at the Europe Top 16 Cup in Montreux three weeks ago, then at the WTT Star Contender Goa and last week at Singapore Smash.