Champions League Women

STK Novi Sad first club to book the place in the second stage

In the opening stage of the competition in the Women’s Champions League the winner of Group D is the host – STK Novi Sad. They recorded two wins and progressed to the next phase.
In the opening match of the day in Group D, TTC "NanoTech" Villach beat Reus Ganxets MIRÓ after five matches. Ivana MALOBABIC was the back bone of club’s success with two wins. Anna Zsofia FENYVESI won one point.
In the clash for the leading position in the Group STK Novi Sad overcame TC "NanoTech" Villach in five matches. Ivana MALOBABIC beat Aneta MAKSUTI to give Austria's club dream start, but Annamaria ERDELYI was at the top of the task. She overcame Dragana VIGNJEVIC and MALOBABIC. Anna Zsofia FENYVESI beat Tijana JOKIC before Aneta MAKSUTI succeeded against Ida JAZBEC.
At the opening day Reus Ganxets MIRÓ suffered by the hands of TTC Novi Sad in straight matches.
In Group A A.S.D. Tennistavolo Norbello overcame TT Joué les Tours in another five matches thriller. Magdalena Sylwia SIKORSKA recorded two wins over LI He and Audrey ZARIF, who suffered also against Alina ZAHARIA. Nolwenn FORT and LI He scored for French side.
In the same Group Stolnotenisove Centrum SKST Bratislava beat Belgium's TT Malonne 3:2. Natacha KOSZULAP overcame Veronika VARABYOVA before Estelle DUVIVIER lost to Nadia BOGDANOVA. Jana TEREZKOVA added another point to the Slovakia's club, but KOSZULAP leveled with the win over BOGDANOVA. In the decisive game VARABYOVA overcame DUVIVIER.