European Championships

Samuel KULCZYCKI clinched gold in Cluj

Poland's Samuel KULCZYCKI clinched gold medal in the Men's Singles Event at the European Under 21 Championships in Cluj. In the final he overcame Vladislav URSU of Moldova. The bronze medalists are Milosz REDZIMSKI of Poland and Maciej KOLODZIEJCZYK of Austria.

In the final Samuel KULCZYCKI overcame Vladislav URSU in six games (9, -8, 7, 10, -8, 3).

“It is hard for me to say something because I am overwhelmed after winning the final. During this tournament the most important match for me was the first match when I saved four match balls. After that I was playing constantly well during the whole tournament. The final match was tough. I was leading 2-1 and I was down 8 -10 in the fourth game but I managed to win the game 12-10. For me this was the most important moment of the match. It is easier to play when you are leading 3-1 compered to play when the score is 2-2. It is an amazing feeling to be European Champion,” said Samuel KULCZYCKI.

Samuel KULCZYCKI is the 3rd male Polish player to win a European singles title. He joins European Cadet champion Maciej KUBIK (2018) and European Junior Champion Daniel GORAK (2001). Het is the second Polish player to win a U21 title, after Natalia BAJOR who won the women's doubles title in 2018 with Solomiya BRATEYKO (UKR).

Vladislav URSU booked his best result in a Under 21 championships. He just came short for the second ever European title for Moldova, after he won the Cadet Boys doubles title in 2016 with Maciej KOLODZIECZYK, also his doubles partner as these Championships, and also successful, winning a bronze medal.

In all-Polish semi final opening match in Men's Singles Samuel KULCZYCKI overcame Milosz REDZIMSKI (6, -10, 6, 7, 9).

“Playing against a team-mate is always difficult, especially when you are playing a semifinal at the European Championships. I felt that Milosz was a little bit nervous during our match. Maybe due to his nervousness the quality of his play suffered a little bit. I took advantage of this and I managed to win,”said Samuel KULCZYCKI.

Vladislav URSU overcame Maciej KOLODZIEJCZYK in the second semi final match in straight games (9, 8, 9, 9).

“Maciej and I know each other well. We play doubles together. He knows my playing style I know his ... I did not expect to demonstrate such a good quality play during this morning match, but on the other hand I guess that Maciej did not expect that I will play such a good table tennis, neither. I felt very well during the match and maybe the key of my win was my constant aggressiveness, whilst Maciej play was a little bit passive. I was more active playing very aggressive on both forehand and backhand. This was the main reason for my winning. Now I am eagerly looking to the final. I trained together with Samuel KULCZYCKI in some table tennis training camps. We also clashed at some European championships and if I well remember I won the group match against him years ago. But I must add that he improved his game a lot and became a very fierce adversary. I am eagerly looking to play the final,”said Vladislav URSU.