European Championships

Elena ZAHARIA stood severe pressure in quarters

In the semi final of the Women's Singles Event at the European Under 21 Championships tomorrow will play Prithika PAVADE of France against Franziska SCHREINER of Germany and Zdena BLASKOVA of Czech Republic against Elena ZAHARIA of Romania.

In the quarterfinal Prithika PAVADE was the first player to finish her match. In straight games she overcame Anastasiya DYMYTRENKO of Ukraine (8, 7, 7, 9).

“It was much harder than the result predicts. My service game was good, but so was her. I was not very strong on receive. In addition the way I moved was very important. Days are very long here. We have played so many matches here so far and it is important that you stay at the top. I reached the finishing stages of all three events and I am so happy that I managed to play a solid match from the first until the last point and to reach the medal rostrum. That was our goal,” said PAVADE.

In all German match Franziska SCHREINER beat Sophia KLEE (8, 10, 6, 5).

“It is never easy to play against teammates, but I was prepared well. Last year I won the medal at Under 21 Championships and it took off some pressure . I was not that nervous like last year,” said SCHREINER.

Zdena BLASKOVA overcame Anna WEGRZYN of Poland (11, 6, -7, 3, 5).

“It is very difficult to play when the medal is on your mind. I was under pressure, but the good performance from the morning session when I beat LUTZ helped. I felt good but it was hard to overcame the though of medal rostrum. I have already beat Anna before, but the stake was much higher now. I am happy that it lasted only in opening game. When I won it I was released,” said Zdena.

Elena ZAHARIA overcame Katarzyna WEGRZYN of Poland (-9, 5, -7, 12, 7, -7, 8).

“This match was unbelievable hard! WEGRZYN is a very strong player. I want to congratulate her for playing an amazing match. She bit me last year in the U21 European Championships. She won that match 4-2. This evening the atmosphere in the venue was fantastic, I would like to say a big thank you to the spectators for their support. I was always so happy to play here, at home,” said Elena ZAHARIA.

Previously no. five seed Hana ARAPOVIC was halted in the Round of 16. Katarzyna WEGRZYN prevailed in six games.

“I started very good this match leading 3-0. During these first three games I played one of my best table tennis, but then my adversary played even better while I was starting to lose my focus. I got a little bit insecure when hitting the ball… So, I lost the next two games. The match became really close and for one moment I was thinking that I will lose the sixth game. I taught that the score is going to be 3-3. But I managed to improve my focus during the sixth game, winning the game and the match,” said Katarzyna WEGRZYN.

Sophia KLEE overcame Helga DARI of Hungary.

“Dari HELGA was playing the tournament very good. I was not feeling that good. Today, I was able to show that I can still play very good despite my knee injury which did not allow me to follow the usual practice routine during the last months. I am so happy that I won this match,” said Sophia KLEE.

KLEE's teammate Franziska SCHREINER overcame Anna BRZYSKA of Poland in seven games.

“I had a difficult match. I think that my performance was ok, not the best of my level, but in the end it matters that I won. I am very happy about that,”said Franziska SCHREINER.