World Championships | 5 Oct 2022

Europe ruling in Chengdu

The end of the stage phase at the 2022 ITTF World Team Championships Finals in Chengdu launched Europe as a most successful Continent with more than 50 percent of listed teams coming from Europe.

In men’s teams there are nine selection of Europeans in Round of 16: Belgium, Sweden, Portugal, Slovenia, Poland, Croatia, Germany, England and France. In women’s event half of the contestants are from Europe: Hungary, Portugal, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, Slovakia and France.

In addition good news is that most of the European teams has very rejuvenated line up. France count on LEBRUN brothers 19-years old Alexis and 16-years old Felix. Not to mention 18-years old Prithika PAVADE who already reached the Olympic Games stage. Germany men are not juniors, but DTTB decided to give a chance to team without BOLL, OVTCHAROV and FRANZISKA with QIU Dang as a leader.

Sweden is led by already established World’s no 6, 20 years old Truls MOREGARDH. Poland made her way to the Round of 16 with the players who less than a month played at the Europe Under 21 Championships - gold medal winner Samuel KULCZYCKI and bronze medalists Milosz REDZIMSKI.

In team of Portugal, beside established SHAO Jieni and YU Fu is 18 years old Matos INES.