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Pablo ÁLVAREZ, from table tennis to space

Pablo ÁLVAREZ from Leon will become the third Spanish astronaut to fly in space, after Michael LÓPEZ-ALEGRÍA (NASA) and Pedro DUQUE (ESA). He will be the second Spanish astronaut to work on expeditions outside planet Earth, after Pedro DUQUE, with the European Space Agency (ESA).

Pablo ÁLVAREZ , the man from Leon, in May 2007 climbed to the first step of the podium in the individual Class 9 competition, in the Spanish Championship for players with Disabilities, held in Suances.He is still conected to the table tennis, having a national license with AD Coyanza.

ÁLVAREZ who was born in León in 1988, studied aeronautical engineering at the University of León to fulfill his space dreams, and at just 22 years old, the astronaut left his hometown to study for a master's degree in aerospace engineering at the Polytechnic University of Warsaw (Poland).

After clinched the title in Spain, ÁLVAREZ joined the Airbus company in 2011, working on very prominent aviation projects, which served as a springboard to enter the exploration project 'Rosalind Franklin of the ExoMars mission' of the European Space Agency, in 2017.

In addition, in 2013, ÁLVAREZ once again got on the top step of the podium, in the Spanish Team Championship.

Now, Pablo will be part of the ESA astronaut team that could travel to space in the future.