Champions League Women

TTC Berlin eastside victoriously commenced their campaign in Champions League

Photo: Courtesy TTC Berlin Eastside

With the away win in Italy TTC Berlin eastside commenced thir campaign in this year’s Champions League Women with the victory against ASD Quattro Mori Cagliari.

Five times winers of the event, German club needed some time to warm up tonight. Romania’s Andreea DRAGOMAN gave the hosts better start. She beat Sabina SURJAN (11:6, 11:5, 6:11, 11:7) in the opening duel.

SHAN Xiaona, on her first exit to the table met Tania PLAIAN (8:11, 14:12, 13:11, 11:8); in a second match she overcame Andreea DRAGOMAN (12:10, 11:6, 11:8). Nina MITTELHAM succeeded against Edem OFFIONG (11:4, 16:14, 11:7).

„We are very happy that we managed to win. It was not an easy match. I came here still feeling little sick and we had to fight hard for those three points. Eventually we made it and tah is only important. I am looking forward next week’s match,“ said MITTELHAM.

In the opening match in Group A, ASD Quattro Mori Cagliari lost to Spanish UCAM Cartagena TM.