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Truls MOREGARDH reached no. 1 in Europe and no. 5 in the World

This May, Swede Truls MOREGARDH hit the top spot at European Rankings and reached the position no. 5 in World. Last year, very same when he finished the junior's career at the top spot of the World's list, Truls clinched the silver medal at the World Championships in Huston. He proved he is already mature for the world's heights even before he reached senior age category.

"It feels amazing to say that I am number 1 in Europe and number 5 in the World. It has been a long time goal and I am "super" happy to achieve it. Ever since I was a little kid, at like 8 years old, I said that I want to win medals at the Championships and to be top 10 in the World so it feels fantastic," explained Truls.

When you become sure you will achieve it?

"I become sure I would achieve the goals when I saw the rankings yesterday," said MOREGHARD laughing.

What is your vision of moving next step, how to become World's no. 1?

"It's extremely difficult to become the World number one. FAN Zhendong has, like, double the ranking points of MA Long who is number 2 in the World .So that's not my goal, my goal is to improve my level so I can feel that I fit in there on that position and try to stay in the top 10," explained Truls.

Can you give the major highlights of first part of your season, which led to this success on the World championships success and top spot at the rankings in Europe?

"When I won the WTT in Budapest my life started to change. I felt it. I was extremely happy with that achievement and one achievement led to another one."

European championships is getting closer, less than 100 days to go, how you will prepare for that?

"It is still long time to Europeans but that is obviously a Championship and one of the most important tournaments of the year. First it's a long summer I will take care of and then I will be in top shape for the Europeans. My goal is to take the medal in Munich."

Before EC in Munich what is your plans for next few months, which tournaments has priority?

"Swedish championship is in one month from now and then, hopefully, a grand smash in July. These tournaments will be fantastic."

Are you satisfied with the results in club?

"My season in DEKORGLASS was successful in the European Champions League. We reached the quarterfinals and that was the first time for the club. We were happy with that. It is pity that Eslövs AI BTK didn't win Swedish league."

What motivate you the most? Who is your inspiration?

"I'm motivated by myself. I want to be better all the time. In life in general it's my dad that motivates me. In the way he works really hard and is very motivated but still a fantastic father is amazing. We have little bit same mindset in stuff."

How can you describe yourself?

"Motivated for more!"