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DR CASL defended the title in Croatia

The women’s Super League in Croatia came to conclusion. For a seventh time in the row, DR CASL is the champion in Croatia. It is club’s nineth title overall. Dr CASL won the title in the European Champions Legue in the season 2017/18.

In this season for DR CASL played: Klara Cakol, Mirela DURAK BLAZICEVIC, NI Xialian, Dorina SREBRNJAK, ZHANG Mo i Tena POZNIC led by a coach Luka VRANCIC.

DR CASL justified their status of top favorite by reaching the top position without major problems. The closest adversaries Varazdin and Aquaestil, both recorded three defeats. On the other side DR CASL remained unbeaten until the last round. They suffered only one defeat against Aquaestil (3:2). Before this match DR CASL was unbeaten in 65 matches since 18th November 2018 (1260 days). Interestingly, on that date they were defeated by the same adversaries.

Final standings: DR CASL 35 (17-1), Varazdin 33 (15-3), Aquaestil 33 (15-3), TIS 28 (10-8), Zagreb 27 (9-9), Vrsar 26 (8-10), Mladost 25 (7-11), Bjelovar 22 (4-14), Pula 22 (4-14), Pozega 19 (1-17).