Europe Cup Women

Historical moment for Grand Quevilly

French Grand Quevilly will host the opening leg of the Europe Cup Women final against Spanish UCAM Cartagena T.M.

“We are delighted with the opportunity to play in our first ever final of the Europe Cup. It is historical moment for our Region. Concerning our players Pauline CHASSELIN played a lot at WTT tournaments, Anais SALPIN prepared well too, whilst LI Samson suffered from the injury, but now she is recovered, said coach Guillaume LIOT.

UCAM Cartagena T.M. LI Fen played for a while in Grand Quevilly, so they know her very well.

“Our players had different programs last weeks, one was in WTT events with the French team, and the others were preparing the upcoming matches in League and the final of the Europe Cup. They are in shape, we had difficult time in the beginning of the season but since January we lost only one match, and the team spirit is really good. We were playing the play off in league, places 9-12, and we just won those two matches to stay in 1st league next season. It was the main goal this season. We still have to play the place 9-10 later in April, but we know that we stay in Pro A. Now we can really focus on the final,” explained Pauline CHASSELIN.

Speaking about the adversaries SHASSELIN said:

“We never played against Cartagena before, but we know all the girls because they all played in French league during their career. LI Fen was playing in our club few years ago so we know her really good. At the International level we already played against them few times. Cartagene has really strong team, they were playing in Champions league, all their players are equal. We are prepared for a really hard match, a big fight, and a great atmosphere fighting. All matches are going to be hard, but we are prepared for it.”

The French team is ready.

“We have our chances, our players are in good shape. I think Cartagene is favorite on this final but to play the 1st match at home, i think it's really good, we wait a lot of spectators in the hall to support, clap and push the girls. We had hard matches since the first stage, and we are ready for a new one. The goal of course, is to win the title now that we are in final, we will give our best, we will fight on every points, every matches and we will enjoy this game all together. We showed this year that we have a great team with our performances in League and Europe Cup, and we believe in our chances to bring back the title and we are ready for this match. We are excited for the upcoming final,” concluded Pauline Chasselin ALCL TT.