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Cédric Nuytinck has won his 5th title in a row in Belgium

The Belgian Championships took place in Libramont on 25th and 26th June.

In Men's Singles, Cédric Nuytinck has won his 5th title in a row beating in the Final Florent Lambiet 4/1 ( 3,8,-9, 6,4). Previously he has to battle in the Semi Final against Robin Devos 4/3. Florent Lambiet accounted for Martin Allegro 4/1

Quarter Final:

Cédric Nuytinck vs Adrien Rassenfosse 4/0

Robin Devos vs Louis Laffineur 4/0

Martin Allegro vs Tom Closset 4/0

Florent Lambiet vs Laurens Devos 4/2

Semi Final:

Cédric Nuytinck vs Robin Devos 4/3

Florent Lambiet vs Martin Allegro 4/1


Cédric Nuytinck vs Florent Lambiet 4/1 ( 3, 8, -9, 6,4)

In Women's Singles, Nathalie Marchetti clinched her 4th title after 2013, 2014 and 2015. She beats in Final the young Julie Van Hauwaert who created a surprise beating Margo Degraef in the Quarter Final

Quarter Final:

Nathalie Marchetti vs Sara Devos 4/2

Daria Mityukova vs Natacha Koszulap 4/2

Florence Van Acker vs Lauranne Hackemack 4/3

Julie Van Hauwaert vs Margo Degraef 4/2

Semi Final:

Nathalie Marchetti vs Daria Mityukova 4/3

Julie Van Hauwaert vs Florence Van Acker 4/1


Nathalie Marchetti vs Julie Van Hauwaert 4/2 ( -7, 6, 5, -10, 5, 8)

In Men's Doubles, first title for the U19 Players Adrien Rassenfosse and Louis Laffineur beating the experimented Martin Allegro and Florent Lambiet 3/2.

In Women's Doubles, first title also for Margo Degraef and Nathalie Marchetti against Natacha Koszulap and Eloïse Duvivier 3/0

In Mixed Doubles, title for Alessi Massart and Cécile Ozer against Louis Laffineur and Lauranne Hackemack 3/0

There was also a Masters for Wheelchairs and Stands with wins for Bart Brandts and Ben Despineux.