Europe Cup Women

QUATTRO Mori Cagliari aiming place in top 4 in both Italy and Europe

Italy’s ASD QUATTRO Mori Cagliari travels to Hungary on Saturday to the opening leg of the TAMANNEFTEGAS Europe Cup opening leg against SH-ITB Budaörsi Sport Club.

They showed impressive run in the Group stage against TT Moravsky Krumlov, Girbau Vic TT and Tecnigen Linares.

“We’re happy to play in quarter final of the Europe Cup. Last qualifying stage wasn’t easy and the girls fought real hard to secure the knock out stage. We succeeded without losing a match. We had teams from Champions League and we all were so proud of this result,” explained coach Mattia CONTU.

Without any doubt SH-ITB Budaörsi Sport Club is the club with great results on their record.

“We are going to face a really good team and the girls are ready for the next battle. We hope for a good performance from all of them due to recent rest and the desire to compete again in this start of 2022 season.”

On home soil the club that gathers international stars such as Andreea DRAGOMAN and Tania PLAIAN also aiming for the top in Italian League.

“We are fighting to play Italian serie A1 play off and we hope to do better and better.”


Wednesday 12/01/2022, 17.30, Novi Sad: TTC Novi Sad (SRB) - Reus Ganxets MIRÓ (ESP)

Friday 14/01/2022 15.00 Taganrog: "TMK-TAGMET" Taganrog (RUS) - ALCL TT Grand Quevilly (FRA)

Friday 14/01/2022 20.00 Linares: Tecnigen Linares (ESP) - UCAM Cartagena T.M (ESP)

Saturday 15/01/2022, 18. 00, Budaörsi: SH-ITB Budaörsi Sport Club (HUN) - ASD Quattro Mori (ITA)