Europe Top-16 Cup

Elizabeta SAMARA: I love to play in Montreux

In Montreux on 26-27 February, 13 years after her first appearance, Elizabeta SAMARA of Romania will play for a 12th time at the Europe Top 16. Last year in Thessaloniki, SAMARA was 9th, but the best results she recorded were in the city we are returning to now.

In Montreux in 2018 SAMARA finished third, in 2019 she reached the sixth position and in 2020 she was fifth. In addition in 2016 in Gondomar, SAMARA finished fourth. The first time she played in Dusseldorf in 2009, she finished fifth.

With the Polish KTS ENEA SIARKOPOL Tarnobrzeg approaching, SAMARA will also be on duty in the semifinal of the European Champions League Women later this month.

"Recently I played in the POLISH league and Champions League matches. My shape is quite good, hopefully I will remain the same for the competition in Montreux," said SAMARA.

Joining SAMARA in the Women's Event will be: Sofia POLCANOVA (Austria), HAN Ying (Germany, Bernadette SZOCS (Romania), Britt EERLAND (Netherlands), Margaryta PESOTSKA (Ukraine), NI Xia Lian (Luxembourg), Hana MATELOV (Czech Republic), YU Fu (Portugal),Polina MIKHAILOVA (Russia), Barbora BALAZOVA (Slovakia), Georgina POTA (Hungary), Rachel MORET (Switzerland), Nina MITTELHAM (Germany), Yana NOSKOVA (Russia), SHAO Jieni (Portugal).

"This year Top16 Cup will be even stronger than last year. I cannot say which is my hardest adversary, everybody who is competing there is among the best players from Europe and everybody who is going to play Top 16 wants to win! That includes me," added SAMARA.

SAMARA is also happy that the spectators will be present in the venue.

"I like Montreux, I like the venue, so I want to enjoy to play. I hope spectators will come to watch us."

SAMARA has gold medals at the European championships in all four events: in teams in 2019, 2017, 2005; in singles in 2015; in doubles in 2009, 2012; and in mixed doubles in 2011 and 2012.