Champions League Men

Danny Heister: I expect a hard fight and the decision probably will be found in the Golden Match

Photo: Jörg Fuhrmann, Revierfoto

In the semifinal of the European Champions Legue Men in the opening leg, FC Saarbrücken TT will meet Borussia Düsseldorf in Saarbrücken on Sunday and the return leg is scheduled for 3rd March in Düsseldorf.

„We are looking forward to a special TTCLM semifinal against 1. FC Saarbrücken. It´s the final of last season and also the final of German Cup 2022 and German Championships 2021. So we played several times important matches against Saarbrücken in the past months, both teams know each other very well. And both teams are on the same level so I expect a hard fight and the decision probably will be found in the Golden Match. The current shape of my team is quite well but I hope that we can rise up the level anyway for these duel. Timo needs a few more matches to be on top level again after his injury from Houston. We won so far all matches in TTCLM this season so we will play against Saarbrücken with self-confidence and of course, we want to reach the final," explained coach Danny HEISTER.

Anton KALLBERG is playing in superb shape this season.

„We are happy to be in the semis again. But our big aim is to defend the title. So we will do everything to win the duel against Saarbrücken which will be a very hard clash. I think I played very well in my last matches and I feel confident for the upcoming semifinal. My teammates are also in a good shape, so we will be prepared for the duel. Important will be that all of us stay healthy. The clubs know each other very well which means the team will win with the better feeling that days," said Swede Anton Källberg.