International Events

Rebekka CARLSEN and BERGLUND Simon crowned NETU champions

It was an intense weekend in Druskininkai where Lithuania hosted North European countries table tennis Championships. Usually the Championships is being organized every two years, but due the Pandemis it resumed after four years break.

This year, 41 men and 30 women from 8 countries participated: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Greenland.

During the NETU Congress on Saturday Henrik VENDELBO was elected new President of NETU.

The awards was given by Lithuanian table tennis association president Inga NAVICKIENE, ETTU vice president and Latvian table tennis federation president Ina JOZEPSONE and newly elected NETU president and Danish table tennis association president Henrik VENDELBO.

Women's Team event:

1st place / winners SWEDEN (RÖÖSE Alma, HOLGERSSON Hannah, EDVINSSON Jennie)

2nd place NORWAY (CARLSEN Rebekka, SKÅTTET Rikke, Aasebø Marte, DAHLEN Aida, COACH: Aasebø Marte

3rd place ESTONIA (HANSON Reelica, REINOL Vitalia, JAGNENKOVA Alina, COACH: Vallot Vainula)

Men's Team event:

1st place SWEDEN (SÖDERLUND Hampus, FRIIS Martin, BERGLUND Simon, MC DONALD Jonatan)

2nd place DENMARK (FRIIS-HANSEN Emil, BUCH ANDERSEN Martin, SAMUOLIS Dominykas, RASMUSSEN Tobias, COACH: Jørgensen Mads)

3rd place LITHUANIA 1 (ŽEIMYS Kęstutis, NAVICKAS Ignas,, PREIDŽIUS Andrius, RIMKUS Lukas, COACH: ORLOVAS Arturas)

Womens Singles

1st place: CARLSEN Rebekka (Norway)

2nd place: EDVINSSON Jennie (Sweden)

3rd place: RILIŠKYTĖ Emilija (Lithuania) and RILIŠKYTĖ Kornelija (Lithuania)

Men's Singles

1st place: BERGLUND Simon (Sweden)

2nd place: SÖDERLUND Hampus (Sweden)

3rd place: RASMUSSEN Tobias (Denmark) and MC DONALD Jonatan (Sweden)

Womens Doubles

1st place: HOLGERSSON Hannah /EDVINSSON Jennie (Sweden)

2nd place: RILIŠKYTĖ Kornelija/RILIŠKYTĖ Emilija (Lithuania)

3rd place: DONNER Marina / KIRICHENKO Anna (Finland) and DAHLEN Aida (Norway) / BETZ Ramona (Finland)

Mens Doubles

1st place SÖDERLUND Hampus / BERGLUND Simon (Sweden)

2nd place: FRIIS Martin/MC DONALD Jonatan (Sweden)

3rd place: KARTUZOVS Oļegs / MASKAĻONOKS Aleksandrs (Latvia) and RASMUSSEN Tobias / BUCH ANDERSEN Martin (Denmark)

Mixed doubles

1st place FRIIS Martin / EDVINSSON Jennie (Sweden)

2nd place: MC DONALD Jonatan / RÖÖSE Alma (Sweden)

3rd place ŽEIMYS Kęstutis / RILIŠKYTĖ Kornelija (Lithuania) and PIHKALA Arttu / KIRICHENKO Anna (Finland)