Champions League Women

YANG Xiaoxin lead KTS ENEA SIARKOPOL Tarnobrzeg to another victory

Winners of the Champions league in 2019, KTS ENEA SIARKOPOL Tarnobrzeg won the opening leg of the Women’s final against defending champions TTC Berlin eastside.

This week’s finalist of the WTT Star Contender Doha 2022, HAN Ying reached beat SHAN Xiaona in thrilling five games opening match. Teammates from German national team pushed each other to the limits, but eventually, HAN’s defensive skills prevailed.

After the drama in the opening match, duel between YANG Xiaoxin and Nina MITTELHAM was resolved in quick three games.

Britt EERLAND brought Germany’s club back in game with the victory over Elizabeta SAMARA. Britt recovered after being down one game to null to win her match.

On her second exit to the table HAN Ying was forced to go full five games once again, but this time she lost. Nina MITTELHAM lost the opening game, struggled in the second and third, but in superb style won last two games.

In decisive match YANG Xiaoxin added another win to her scoreboard. SHAN Xiaona did not manage to find the answer to her game.

KTS ENEA SIARKOPOL Tarnobrzeg - TTC Berlin eastside 3:2

HAN Ying - SHAN Xiaona 3:2 (12:10, 8:11, 14:16, 14:12, 6:2)

YANG Xiaoxin - Nina MITTELHAM 3:0 (11:3, 11:8, 11:9)

Elizabeta SAMARA – Britt EERLAND 1:3 (11:7, 6:11, 9:11, 10:12)

HAN Ying - Nina MITTELHAM 2:3 (11:6, 12:14, 12:10, 3:11, 1:6)

YANG Xiaoxin - SHAN Xiaona 3:1 (11:8, 10:12, 11:8, 11:4)