Champions League Women

Ultimate battle for the 2022 crown in Berlin

On home soil on Friday at 18.30 CET, TTC Berlin eastside will clash with KTS ENEA SIARKOPOL Tarnobrzeg in the second leg of the European Champions League Women's final. They suffered by the hands of the Poland's club players in the opening leg, but narrow defeat provides them with a lot of space to change the course of the final in their advantage.

Winners of the Champions league in 2019 KTS ENEA SIARKOPOL Tarnobrzeg will have really tough task against defending champions TTC Berlin eastside. German club have been at the top of the medal rostrum five times already.

In the opening duel HAN Ying and YANG Xiaoxin had a very good start against SHAN Xiaona and Nina MITTELHAM, but then Britt EERLAND changed the course of the match against Elizabeta SAMARA.

It is not sure that SAMARA will play in the return leg due the neck injury she suffered in opening leg.

"I got injured in the second game, but fortunately we have a strong team, In Berlin it will be open match, with the new system everything is possible, so we expect again a top class duel," said SAMARA who also confirmed that she is feeling better now regarding the injury.