European Championships

The draw for the 2021 GAZPROM European Team Championships in Cluj, Romania (28 September- 3 October) was held today in Romstal Academy in Bucharest.

Top seeds in Women’s Teams Event in final stage, groups draw, Germany will face Spain and Slovakia, whilst the host will meet Italy and Belgium. In Group C Astria will have to play against Belarus and Serbia, whilst in Group D Ukraine will meet Czech Republic and Slovenia.

In Group D are Hungary, Portugal and Croatia; Group F Poland, Sweden and England; Group G Russia, Luxembourg and Greece and in Group H Netherlands, France and Turkey.

In Men’s Teams Event in Group A are Germany, Belarus and Ukraine; Group B Sweden, Belgium, Greece; Group C England, Slovakia, Serbia; Group D Austria, Poland, Spain; Group E Portugal, Denmark, Turkey; Group F France, Russia, Netherlands. In last two remaining groups there are four teams. In Group G Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy and Hungary; Group H Slovenia, Romania, Luxembourg and Finland.

Each group will play a complete round robin and group winners proceed to the quarter-finals. From the quarter-finals the knockout system will be used.